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Prerequisites to send products to Amazon Seller Central

Sending your eCommerce products to Amazon and selling through this marketplace holds a huge potential to grow your business. People visiting the Amazon sites are mostly prepared to buy some products and Amazon is also optimized to increase conversion rather than to get more visitors. However, to list your products on Amazon, you need to meet some requirements. Here are the those

  • An Amazon Professional Seller Account – which will provide access to Amazon’s volume listing tools
  • Have an eCommerce  Store with products, Amazon’s required attributes, categories (and product variations)
  • Click on Authorize a Developer button on your Amazon Seller Central > Settings > User Permissions
    After that,  enter the Developers Name and Developers ID in the next screen to enable sync functionalities. Check the detailed documentation here.

Step-by-step How To’s

  1. Install the ExportFeed Amazon Plugin, Shopify App or BigCommerce App based on eCommerce platform.
  2. Generate an Amazon Inventory File – Select “Amazon Seller Central” as the Merchant Type
  3. Required: classifying by Item Type Keyword & Browse Nodes
  4. Advanced Command Mapping examples
  5. Upload an Inventory File to Amazon & Download Processing Report

Amazon Seller Central links

If you have any questions regarding selling your products on Amazon, please feel free to let us know through livechat, support tickets or even schedule a pre-sales demo.