Ecwid Product Feed – Sync Ecwid Shopping Cart to Popular Merchants

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Why use ExportFeed to create Ecwid Product Feed?

  • Quick installation from the Ecwid app store itself
  • Sync Ecwid store and create feeds for 40+ merchants
  • Include product variations in the feeds you create
  • Update your product feeds automatically with feeds
  • Get premium support even if you’re on free trial plan

Sell Your Products Easily with over 40 Supported Merchants!


Creating Ecwid product feed with ExportFeed within few steps

Ecwid has provided a feasible option to create and launch your store with a free one-page shop. You can integrate your Ecwid shopping cart to other platforms like WordPress, Joomla. You can also integrate your Ecwid shopping cart to Facebook shop. But, how do you send specific category only to one merchant and products of certain price range to another merchant? There’s a lot more ExportFeed can help you accomplish.

Integrating your Ecwid shop feed to popular marketplaces and comparison shopping engines can increase your product sales through multiple channels. Multichannel marketing with marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and affiliate platforms yields according to your expectations. But the complexity is maintaining synced listing, order and inventory tracking and overall process management.

This is where ExportFeed comes in. You can sync your Ecwid store with our cloud server and as your product on the stores are updated; your Ecwid feeds are also updated. This will help you keep your product information up to date in the marketplaces, but more importantly, Increase Your Product Sales!


Automatic Feed Update
The feeds are updated automatically. Feeds are publicly accessible and can also be downloaded by merchants or by the user. Save time and labour.


Exceptional Support
Any problem in creating feeds and listing your product is not a problem anymore!!Our fast friendly and professional support team will solve them for you.


Map multiple categories to merchant Categories
Combine related categories into a single-related merchant category.

Benefits of Creating ECWID Product Feed using ExportFeed

ExportFeed helps you to sell your products of ECWID platform through the merchant sites. We primarily offer to create and send your product feeds for merchants so your products are visible on those sites. But the benefit of using ExportFeed is not limited to feed creation. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Save a lot of time to create feed for bulk products rather than creating them manually.
  • Offer available options in marketplaces by including product variations in your feeds.
  • Integrate your ECWID shop to the merchants to keep your product information updated.
  • Never face the issues of overselling by scheduling your feed updates regularly & improve goodwill.
  • Include those attributes that add value and remove those that don’t by defining rules for your feeds.
  • Obtain targeted audience for your ECWID products by mapping your product category to the merchant’s category.
  • Get help from our friendly team of experts whenever you need to perform specific feed management operations.
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