The Best Magento Data Feed Manager Ever With Promising Results!

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Some delightful features of ExportFeed:

  • Product Variation support for vivid attributes
  • Sync and edit everywhere with simple steps
  • Automatic Feed Update for fresh feeds
  • Advanced Commands for data management
  • Create feeds in TXT, CSV & XML format.
  • Friendly and responsive support team
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Magento product feed management with ExportFeed’s advanced commands!

ExportFeed facilitates you with exquisite features for your Multi-Channel eCommerce Marketing. All of these features are driven by market demands and we’ve incorporated them within easy user interface. So, what does ExportFeed enables you to do?

  • Helps in customizing the product attributes.
  • Specify a product prefix for rich SEO.
  • Customizable XML,TXT and CSV file targeting shopping Engine.
  • Map custom field tags and other taxonomies.
  • Rules give you better control for entering shipping,discounts etc in the product feeds.
  • You can even hard code a brand for all products.
  • A lot of other functions to improve the sales performance of your data feed.

Enter Once. Sync Everywhere. Forever.

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I am so impressed by the offers this plugin provides. It really adds value to whatever we are doing. Was able to boost sale up to a staggering 45% within six months.

Toby Murphy

Getting more than you expect is… Hmmm… OVERWHELMING!!

Ellianor Bell

One thing I absolutely love about this plugin is the service it provides for product variation aspect.

Jonathan Girarad

The plugin is fabulous, the support is excellent and the performance is enhanced beyond imagination… can’t get better than this… Would recommend anyone.