BigCommerce Product Feed Export, Sync & Manage – Effectively with ExportFeed!

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Why should you use ExportFeed on BigCommerce?

  • Easy steps for feeds creation synchronization.
  • Product variation feature to optimize conversion.
  • An easy way to manage and optimize data feeds.
  • Create feed once & reflect in all other merchants.
  • Support – timely & effective. Clients rave about!

Create Bigcommerce Product Feed, Export to over 40 Merchants & Sell More!


Bigcommerce product feed sync has never been easier!

Simply by installing ExportFeed app on your BigCommerce store, you can create product feeds for your specified merchants. Installation of the app doesn’t require any technical expertise and neither it is required to create your data feed. The app connects your shop with our cloud service and all your feed management operations are completed using our server resources. Need more reasons to start using ExportFeed for your BigCommerce product feed?

  • Trained, highly professional and friendly support team.
  • We offer support through Live Chat and Email and personalized demo.
  • If using for the first time, we will configure your cart plugin.
  • Confused to generate your first data feed? Talk with us!
  • Check your feeds and ensure they are accepted.
  • Eventually, your sales are not delayed due to input errors


Market your product with rich SEO value
Uses your existing product listings, plus advanced commands to enable richer SEO or product listing attribute data values for your merchants.


Create special inventory blowout campaigns
Offload inventories with special categories in your Bigcommerce system with quick and accurate promotion.


Centralized feed management.
Enables the centralized task management. Making one change will result in changes in other target places through this plugin.


Customization options & data management
Provides additional control and customization of data feeds. You can change the currency, modify all item prices and add UTM codes and Extract Shipping Dimensions.

Enter Once. Sync Everywhere. Forever.

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