About ExportFeed

ExportFeed is the plugin that creates your product data feed which contains information of your products in regards to your size, color, quantity, image and their custom attributes and syncs them to the desired and appropriate merchants.Our plugin can be installed in nine different platforms such as WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento, OpenCart, VirtueMart, Shopify etc. We also support more than 40 merchants to provide more flexibility to our customers for the selection of most convenient market place.

ExportFeed offers advanced commands to enhance the product feeds of our customers. Instead of multiple solutions for multiple merchants, we have one interface, one place for entire changes in the product feeds. The attributes are customizable as well. Our elite features make us one of the most recommended plugin.

In ExportFeed we conduct an in-depth study about your challenges and difficulties of selling online. Our specialized team then works to create the features that serve your purpose; are easy to use and return maximum output of your efforts.


How we work?

  • ExportFeed produces your data feed which contains information of your products regarding size, color, quantity, image and your custom attributes.
  • Then ExportFeed syncs or uploads this data feed to another online merchant so that your product will show up in their search engine.
  • Basically it takes your product feeds and adds them to major online merchants of your choice so that when ever your client searches for your product in the merchant’s site your product will be listed there.
  • If you are selling stuff online on your own site, and have all of this information you’ve painstakingly entered and don’t want to manually add this to multiple sites, ExportFeed is your solution.
  • We have extremely responsive support team that will guide and help you to go through the ExportFeed plugin usage process.

Sound too easy? But it is.

Try ExportFeed for yourself if you haven’t!