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Why use ExportFeed for BigCommerce Amazon Italy?

  • Quick install app from Bigcommerce App store itself
  • Upload all, category based or individual products of BigCommerce
  • Include or Exclude BigCommerce product variations to
  • Enjoy both-way sync between BigCommerce & Amazon.
  • Offer: Start with Free Trial – Get 1 time feed setup Free!

How BigCommerce Amazon Italy integration clears your path for success?

Your BigCommerce site is a great asset for your business and you need to cash it in. But you’re already selling through the BigCommerce. So, doesn’t that mean you are already getting output the resource that you have?

The core goal of any business is to survive and then to grow. For businesses with any of these goals,  if you are selling products,  Amazon Italy can be of a great help.

  • Amazon Italy received almost 130.8 million visitors in 2017. This is the most visited eCommerce site in Italy.
  • This marketplace is also powered for conversion by the A9 algorithm which secured 2.1% conversion rate as of 2017. This is among the top 5 for eCommerce industry in Italy.
  • This is the marketplace where Amazon launched the first fulfillment center to prioritize quick services for Amazon Prime Now customers in 2015.
  • ExportFeed allows you to list your BigCommerce products on Amazon Italy as on your BigCommerce store or after customizing the product attributes for higher sales revenue.


Connect to 40+ Sales Channel
In ExportFeed we have integrated the feed specifications for 40+ merchants. So, creating feeds for them is literally just a few clicks. And when you upload, those feeds will be act to list your products effectively.


Create Optimized Product Feeds
You will be able to create optimized feeds using the ExportFeed advanced commands. Add custom product attribute, discounts or currency flexibility in the feeds you generate. You will have all the documentation & our support.


Sync Orders & Inventories Automatically
Sending your data feeds to merchants regularly helps to keep the listings fresh in the merchants. This ensures that your product has high SEO value in merchants & your inventories are always synced.

Steps to become successful Amazon Italy seller

When starting your BigCommerce business expansion, you need to plan ahead and do a lot of ground work. Here are some steps that’ll help you climb up the ladder of becoming successful on your BigCommerce Amazon Italy campaign easily.

  • Understand the basics of selling on Amazon Italy marketplace including feeds and language requriements.
  • Research about the details related to products and offers for the specific marketplace that you want to expand your business.
  • Understand the tax regulation for different product categories while selling your products on Amazon Italy.
  • Set up a proper shipping channel if you are not using FBA and make sure that you deliver the sold products to the customers properly.
  • Make sure that the product listings on your BigCommerce site includes all the required product attributes needed to list products on Amazon Italy.
  • Install ExportFeed app on your BigCommerce store and let ExportFeed do the heavylifting to create listing and syncing inventories and orders between Amazon and BigCommerce.
  • Always remember to make sure that your priorities are set while the customers are the center of it.

How to start BigCommerce Amazon Italy Integration with ExportFeed?

  • Install ExportFeed app on your BigCommerce store with just a few click.
  • Connect ExportFeed with your Amazon Italy account by authorizing our developer account for Amazon MWS.
  • Choose to directly upload your products to Amazon or create feed for Amazon Italy.
  • Use product feed customization options to optimize your product listing for Amazon marketplace..
  • Get your Amazon product listing reports and get help from our term to solve those product listing issues.

Apart from Amazon Italy, ExportFeed also supports other Amazon Marketpalces. We also support connection with the North American marketplace, Europan marketplace and Asia Pacific marketplaces.

Planning to Expand to Amazon European Marketplaces?
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Basic Seller Intermediate Seller Advance Seller Super Seller Platinum Seller
Features $ 29.99/mo
$ 39.99/mo
$ 59.99/mo  
$ 89.99/mo  
$ 129.99/mo
No. of SKU Upto 5,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 More than 100,000
Feeds For 40+ merchants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etsy order limit 3000 9000 14,000 20,000 Unlimited
Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Priority Support Priority Support
Etsy Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync Order & inventory sync
Bulk product listing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metafield sync support No No Yes Yes Yes
Product and order update frequency Near real time Real-time Real-time Real-time Real-time
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