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Why ExportFeed for Magento to Amazon product listing?

  • Easily install & setup ExportFeed from Magento App Store.
  • Create & manage multiple Magento product feeds for UK & USA.
  • Include product variations of Magento in Amazon Product Feeds.
  • Optimize your feeds for Amazon using our Advanced Commands.
  • Understand & get help to resolve Amazon product listing errors.
  • We’ll create your 1st Magento to Amazon product feed for FREE!
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One plugin and two clicks! Sync to 40 other merchants.

Any changes in your Magento product feed will automatically update in all your merchants. You can make the entry in one centralized place and your Magento product feed on Amazon Seller will be updated to all your merchants. Imagine listing your feeds to 40 merchants with such an ease and the efforts that you could put elsewhere to improve your business.




Only one place to edit
Make your changes directly to your platform and it will be automatically synced to your target merchants.


Product variation support
Market your products in every version/type/format – as you have entered in your cart and have Accurate product listings, more product listings.


Advanced Commands
We developed a specific core code component to allow for more sophisticated data management scenarios. You can specify different pricing for different merchants and different feeds – up or down

How does ExportFeed work with Magento product feed on  Amazon seller?

  1. Install the Export feed plugin in your Magento Platform.
  2. Generate an Amazon Inventory File– Select “Amazon Seller Central” as the Merchant Type
  3. Required: classifying by Item Type Keyword & Browse Nodes
  4. Advanced command mapping of Magento product feed on Amazon Seller
  5. Upload an Inventory File to Amazon & Download Processing Report.

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Ellianor Bell

One thing I absolutely love about this plugin is the service it provides for product variation aspect.

Donald Scott

When I have the choice and access to the most convenient merchant, half of my problem is solved.

Jaiden Cote

We wanted a plugin that could easily export our products to Google/Amazon without much problem. ExportFeed is the one that performed beyond expectations

Pro Version - Annual

Sync with NO Limits! Single Merchant Only!!

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, automatically sync to over 40 merchants, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

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Installation Service

We install & configure for you!

We will log into your WordPress, install & configure, ensure your feed is 100% operational, and have access to email, live chat, & phone support!

*License purchase is required

$59.99 per feed USD
Merchant Help

Full personal service provided!

We will find matching categories, setup your merchant services AND all of your feeds, plus offer full support via email, live chat, & phone!

*License purchase is required

$495.99 per 10 feeds USD

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