Send Magento Product Feed to Etsy Marketplace
Achieve Your Growth Visions, Exceed Your ROI Expectations!

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Specialty of ExportFeed

  • Simple and easy to use plugin| Two click integration
  • You can customize your own product attributes on Etsy
  • Advance command to action the changes of feeds easily
  • Free trial for your peace of mind & better understanding

Send Magento product feed to Etsy Marketplace for Business Growth.

Etsy is a global marketplace and sending your product feeds to this merchant will not just increase your market reach but will also increase your conversions. Etsy is known to have a great marketing strategy and therefore your products have a higher chances to bring you more revenue from this merchant.

If you are looking for specific reasons to use ExportFeed for Etsy, we can provide you a very good reason. We have connected to Etsy API to help you with bulk product uploads.  Ability to list on more than 40 other merchants.



Automatic product feed
Get the ability to select & map the categories of Bonanza according to your product. We ensures acceptance of your data by the merchant. Better target your customers with the facility to categorize your products.


Current & accurate
Your shopping cart will always be up to date with the help of automatic feed creation. It very important to have fresh feeds, you don’t want your customers at Etsy get any wrong information.


A product feed export solution
Save time editing product details, prices, and status on a single site. You get the product variation support & other features. ExportFeed is developed with Advanced commands.

Magento product feed to Etsy: Make your promotions worthy of all your efforts.

    • We have developed ExportFeed with unique features to help you grab the benefits of synchronization of your feeds. All you need for the result driven listing is ExportFeed extension. This is what you have been missing in your promotions.

You can export Magento product feed to Etsy feeds with the help of this single plugin. The major tasks like product variation, control, edit, of multiple feeds & merchants might get into your nerves.  With ExportFeed, you get the product variation support, Automatic feed update, central control & much more. We have number of attributes in order help you handle the variations.

The product categories can be mapped to merchant categories easily. You can also combine the multiple feeds into a single feed.

Support team at ExportFeed is always motivated to make your deal with us easy and effective. So once you have the connection with us, you can always rely on our support team for everything.


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The support is always responding with fantastic solutions. It has wonderful features at the first place and the immense support helps to utilize the feature to the maximum level.

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When I have the choice and access to the most convenient merchant, half of my problem is solved.