List your Magento product feeds in Beslist and Experience the Sales Boost!

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The benefits you can reap while using ExportFeed:

  • Product Variation Support to reduce your manual work.
  • Map multiple categories to merchant categories for easier ad management.
  • Market your product with rich SEO with the help of advanced command.
  • Map custom fields, tags, other taxonomies.

One plugin and two clicks! Sync to 40 other merchants.

Any changes in your Magento product feed will automatically update in all your merchants if you have installed ExportFeed. Update the information about product feeds in ExportFeed at one place and sync Magento product feeds in Beslist and other merchants. Reap the benefit of using ExportFeed by ensuring the visibility and better chance of sales of your products in Beslist.




Category Mapping Interface
Ensures acceptance of your data by the merchant, better targeting of your product listings and ability to select categories.


Closer related listings.
Enables easier ad management, reduces merchant API usage overloads, helps to run special promotions based on your mapped categories by combining related categories.


Automatic feed update
Saves time and labor. One change reflects on multiple feeds, multiple merchants. Feeds are publically accessible and can also be downloaded by merchants or by the user.

How does ExportFeed work for listing Magento product feeds in Beslist?

  • Your Magento platform will need ExportFeed plugin Installed.
  • The product feed will then be created with the help of this plugin.
  • Login to your Beslist account and upload the Magento product feed in Beslist according to requirement.
  • We will create and upload the feeds for you if you have the installation package of ExportFeed


Donald Scott

When I have the choice and access to the most convenient merchant, half of my problem is solved.

Toby Murphy

Getting more than you expect is… Hmmm… OVERWHELMING!!

Violet Roy

This plugin is up to date with my product situation. I am able to sell the correct quantity. My work is a lot less messy after I chose this plugin.

Pro Version - Annual

Sync with NO Limits! Single Merchant Only!!

Enjoy unlimited product feeds, free upgrades, and live chat plus email support!

$99.99 /yr USD
Installation Service

We install & configure for you!

We will log into your Magento, install & configure, ensure your feed is 100% operational, and have access to email, live chat, & phone support!

*License purchase is required

$59.99 per feed USD
Merchant Help

Full personal service provided!

We will find matching categories, setup your merchant services AND all of your feeds, plus offer full support via email, live chat, & phone!

*License purchase is required

$495.99 per 10 feeds USD

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