ECWID to Google Shopping – Reach your Customers through Google Shopping

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Benefits of using ExportFeed on Ecwid for Google Shopping

  • Install ExportFeed from Ecwid app Store, no complication
  • Map your custom product category to Google categories
  • Advertise your product variation offerings on Google Shopping
  • Stop worrying about keeping products updated – automation!
  • Use advanced commands for feed optimization with our support

Sync Ecwid to Google Shopping – Improve Visibility – Increase Sales

Ecwid is definitely a great platform to create your shopping cart and integrate it to different content management systems and even social media platforms. However, reaching more of your potential customers is necessary if you target to increase your revenue. And, one of the best available channels to increase revenue is Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine that performs on a cost per click model. The lower your product price or the more variations you offer, the better your conversion rate will be. To send your products to Google Shopping, you can connect your Adwords bidding to Google Merchant and submit your product feed. But manually creating and updating your product feed takes more time than you actually spend on your business activities.

So, we have made our ExportFeed app available in the Ecwid app store. Simply by installing it in your Ecwid store, ExportFeed connects with your product catalogue and helps you to create your product feed for Google Merchant. Along with the Google Merchant, ExportFeed also offers you the option to create and sync your Ecwid products to multiple other merchants.


Product Variation Support
You can easily include all the variations that you offer in the product feeds you create! You can also provide adequate information about your products by sending enough feeds to merchants. Plus you can make attractive listings in the merchant site. ExportFeed also omits the need to list all the variations manually!


Trusted by Thousands of Users
If you are skeptic about the functionality & benefits of ExportFeed and want to give it a try, you should happily use the 5 Days Commitment Free Trial provided to you. Please grab the benefit out of it! We are pretty sure it will gain your trust in no time as it has done with thousands of other users who have immensely boosted their productivity.


Improve your Promotion
Use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even offer flexible currency option to your customers! Doing this will not just be cost & time effective with ExportFeed but also your promotion will yield higher return.

How to Sync Ecwid to Google Shopping using product feeds?

Syncing your Ecwid shopping cart to Google Shopping offers massive growth potentials for your eCommerce business. Google shopping helps your targeted visitors reach the product detail page and optimize the traffic for conversions. Also, the bidding can be fairly low for your traffic through Google Shopping. The more products you sync with Google Shopping, the more traffic and conversions you will have. For this reason alone, ExportFeed offers you to create your bulk products feeds for Google Shopping. It is almost impossible to fill in the spreadsheet manually if you have hundreds or thousands of products. So here is how you can use ExportFeed to make your task easy:

  • Log in to your Ecwid dashboard and go to Ecwid app store
  • Search for ExportFeed under Marketing apps.
  • Install ExportFeed on your Ecwid platform click on ExportFeed.
  • You will access our cloud platform to sync your product feeds.
  • Now you can select product categories or filter products to include in feed.
  • Click on Get Feed and provide the feed url to Google Merchant > Products > Feed.
  • For any queries, feel free to contact our support team here at ExportFeed.

Sync Ecwid to Google Shopping – Grow Revenue with Reduced Efforts

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