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Create & Send Ecwid to AmmoSeek Product Feed for More Sales!

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What ExportFeed offers for Ecwid to AmmoSeek Feeds

  • Quick installation of ExportFeed through Ecwid app store.
  • Include Ecwid product variations in AmmoSeek feeds.
  • Map categories & product attributes for quality listing.
  • Optimize product attributes through advanced commands.
  • Schedule for automatic feed updates with our support.

Why send products from Ecwid to AmmoSeek using ExportFeed?

Ecwid is a self hosted platform which means you don’t have to go through technical hassles for any server management issues. Don’t you wish that your ammunition related eCommerce website marketing were also just as easy as that? It can be for sure.

For any other category of products, you have a lot of marketplaces that will accept your products. But for ammunition related, the best one that we recommend is AmmoSeek. Why? We know that the action-lovers have bookmarked this site so your products have more chances of selling through this merchant than any other.

Now, why should you use ExportFeed to create AmmoSeek Feeds from Ecwid?

  • We have included the feed templates that AmmoSeek requires from merchants in our Ecwid app. With this, we have made the feed creation process easy for you.
  • AmmoSeek product categories and different product attributes may not match to that what you have in your Ecwid Store. ExportFeed enables you to map them in few clicks.
  • At times, you want to create listing on AmmoSeek with promotional title for certain products but not on your Ecwid Store. ExportFeed offers you advanced commands to customize your AmmoSeek feeds.
  • You may be running your Ecwid store on Europe or using your local currency setting on your Ecwid store and need to change currency setting on AmmoSeek feeds. This can be managed in a single click through ExportFeed.

There are a lot of features on ExportFeed that’ll enable you to effectively manage your feed operations and profitably sell through AmmoSeek like our cloud server to reduce feed management server stress. We’ve made a 7 days trial available without feature restrictions to Ecwid users so, why not try it today?


Product Variation Support
You can easily include all the variations that you offer in the product feeds you create! You can also provide adequate information about
Your products by sending enough feeds to merchants. Plus you can make attractive listings in the merchant site. ExportFeed also omits the need to list all the variations manually!


Trusted by Thousands of Users
If you are skeptic about the functionality & benefits of ExportFeed and want to give it a try, you should happily use the 5 Days Commitment Free Trial provided to you. Please grab the benefit out of it! We are pretty sure it will gain your trust in no time as it has done with thousands of other users who have immensely boosted their productivity.


Improve your Promotion
Use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even offer flexible currency option to your customers! Doing this will not just be cost & time effective with ExportFeed but also your promotion will yield higher return.

How to Sync Ecwid Product Feed to AmmoSeek?

ExportFeed allows you to create AmmoSeek feeds for your bulk products but it also allows you to create feeds according to price, category, brand, sku and keywords. The more products you send to AmmoSeek the more chances of increasing your sales revenue. And to avoid wasting time on feed creation and updating your feed everytime any product information changes, you can follow this simple process.

  • Install ExportFeed from your Ecwid App Store.
  • Click on ExportFeed from your Ecwid dashboard.
  • Now select AmmoSeek as your Merchant.
  • Select product Category or filters for product selection.
  • After adding products click on the “Get Feed” button.
  • Now, login to AmmoSeek and submit the Feed.
  • Now your Ecwid products are listed on Amazon Marketplace.

If you face any feed related issues or questions then our support team will be happy to help you. Our support team will also provide you with a free installation service on Ecwid platform and free 1st time feed creation.

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