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What ExportFeed offers for Ecwid to Beslist product feeds?

  • Install ExportFeed app from your Ecwid Store in no time.
  • Create Beslist product feed with pre-loaded templates.
  • Schedule for automatic feed updates and keep listings fresh.
  • ExportFeed even includes your custom product attributes.
  • Get 1st time feed setup offer for free from our support team.

Why should you sync Ecwid products on Beslist?

Beslist is one of the comparison shopping engines that will provide you dual benefit of referral website visitors and increased conversion. This marketplace operates on CPC model and you have the opportunity to set your campaign bidding rules.

When you send your products to Beslist, your products will be displayed in the search results for queries related to it. This way, your product can be reached by your potential customers and your sales increases. The more variations you offer and the more product attribute details you submit, the higher you have chances of selling more for which features of ExportFeed will make all your tasks easy. Obviously, the pricing of your product will have a major role to play, still syncing your Ecwid to Beslist product feed is a really lucrative option for eCommerce promotion.

  • Referral visitors from this merchant can increase your total visitors up to 8%.
  • The conversion rate of is high which means your conversion also increases.
  • Qualified visitors from this CSE increase your organic SEO rankings in the long term.
  • Targeting your products to the customers of Europe & especially the Netherlands becomes effective using this merchant.


Product Variation Support
You can easily include all the variations that you offer in the product feeds you create! You can also provide adequate information about
Your products by sending enough feeds to merchants. Plus you can make attractive listings in the merchant site. ExportFeed also omits the need to list all the variations manually!


Trusted by Thousands of Users
If you are skeptic about the functionality & benefits of ExportFeed and want to give it a try, you should happily use the 7 Days Commitment Free Trial provided to you. Please grab the benefit out of it! We are pretty sure it will gain your trust in no time as it has done with thousands of other users who have immensely boosted their productivity.


Improve your Promotion
Use advanced commands to customize your product feeds, map your product category with the merchant categories and even offer flexible currency option to your customers! Doing this will not just be cost & time effective with ExportFeed but also your promotion will yield higher return.

How to Sync Ecwid to Beslist Product Feed using ExportFeed?

When you are selling few products, your product listings on the merchants and sales channels may be manageable. But for bulk products, it becomes time consuming and error prone too. To help you with effective listing of products on Beslist from Ecwid, we have offered our Ecwid ExportFeed app. Here is how you can use it.

  • Search and Install ExportFeed from your Ecwid App Store.
  • Access ExportFeed from your Ecwid dashboard.
  • Select as your Merchant for feed creation.
  • Select product Category or filters for product inclusion.
  • After adding products click on the “Get Feed” button.
  • Now, login to Beslist account and submit the Feed.

Our support team can offer to setup your Ecwid to Bestlist product feed for free if you are using ExportFeed for the first time. You can grab this offer even if you are on the trial period.

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