Shopify: Generate your first feed

Get ExportFeed Now

Browse to Create Feed. If you see an error message saying Not Authorized, be certain to log in using your Rapid Cart account.

You can now fill in the feed details.

Test your feed. Click “Get Feed” and you should receive the data in a popup window.
Note : Enable the browser popup if it is blocked.

Almost there! Head over to Manage Feeds now…

feed management menu
Locate the feed you just created and click Edit.

Show advanced commands box…

Within Advanced commands, map your Shopify store’s vendor to Google’s g:brand (We couldn’t have this happen automatically because it would be breaking if Shopify changed its export fields to include a brand as well as a vendor). Note: if you don’t have brands or vendors, this attribute in your Shopify store is probably blank. You need to make a “identifier_exists” mapping which is explained in our Attribute Mappings tutorials.

Note that Advanced Commands are all “unique” as opposed to the original Product Feed which allowed system-wide Advanced Commands. Click here for more Advance Commands

All done!

Submit your feed to Google Merchant Centre.