Sell.Com Merchant Integration Guide

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Sell.Com is an online marketplace for consumers and businesses. was created to provide a better way to make e-commerce work. Since the establishment, team worked to create powerful tools for all types of online sales and marketing.

How to Get Started

Install Shopping Cart Product Feed Plugin.

Feed Creation Process 

Generate an inventory file- Select as a “merchant_type”

Required Attributes for

  • ID*
  • Title
  • Description
  • Link
  • category Number
  • Product Type
  • Brand
  • Conduction
  • Image Link
  • ISBN
  • Model Number
  • MPN
  • Price
  • UPC
  • Weight
  • Daily Featured
  • Bold
  • Highlight
  • Display_Priority
  • Color
  • Compatible with
  • Height
  • Length
  • Online only
  • Payment accepted
  • Quantity
  • Width
  • Year

Make sure you are Signed Up to seller account

If  you already have account Sign In

After creating Feed submit it to market place, if u think you have meet all the required attributes.

If you encounter any issues while creating and uploading feed, Please Contact Our Support Team.