Include or Exclude SKUs

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This add-on will allow you to list SKUs that you either want included or excluded from the feed. WordPress (WooCommerce/WP e-commerce) only.

Download it here:

How to use:

1. Install & activate the Cart Product Feed Include/Exclude SKU Module
2. Edit the sku-list.txt file: Navigate to Plugins > Editor > “Cart Product Feed Include/Exclude SKU Module” and select the sku-list.txt file
3. Enter the SKUs you want to include or exclude (one line for each SKU).
4. Save the file.
5. When creating your feed,

a) To INCLUDE only the SKUs from sku-list.txt, enter a new command:
rule includeSku()

b) To EXCLUDE all SKUs from sku-list.txt, enter the command:
rule excludeSku()

Ensure you’ve selected all necessary categories.
Update the commands and regenerate the feed.