About Bonanza
Bonanza provides a marketplace with one-click publishing to all major buyer channels (Google Shopping, TheFind, Nextag, Pricegrabber, etc). Until you make a sale, they pay all advertising costs on your behalf. They only make money when you make money. No listing fees, no monthly store fees, no other sneaky fees.

More about Bonanza

Bonanza supports:

  • Import from Amazon
  • Import from eBay
  • Import from Etsy
  • Import from Inventory file

Bonanza Requirements

  • Detailed feed specifications can be found here
  • There are a total of 4 required fields (see the table below). Please ensure your e-commerce webshop contains data for these mandatory fields.
  • In the table below is a list of attributes that the plugin maps automatically; you may need to map or create attributes yourself if the values are not found.

Setting up Bonanza Inventory file:

Uploading Inventory file to Bonanza: