Additional Product Fields

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This add-on will create additional identifier fields for WooCommerce simple and variable products.
Currently, the add-on will create separate and mappable Brand, MPN, UPC and EAN fields.

Download it here:

How to use:

1. Install and Activate the CartProductFeed Additional Product Fields module (as you would any other plugin)
2. Edit a product and enter in values for required fields

Simple Products:
adding extra product values

Variable Products:
additional product attributes for variable products
By entering a Brand in the general tab, all variations will have this brand.

Variation tab:
adding brand upc mpn ean

3. When creating a feed, map the fields via drop down menus or advanced commands.

Drop Down Menus
CPF additional fields

Advanced Command
mapAttribute brand to g:brand

Replace the below [x_attribute] with the Merchant’s Field/Attribute Name

mapAttribute brand to [brand_attribute]

MPN (manufacturer product number):
mapAttribute mpn to [mpn_attribute]

mapAttribute upc to [upc_attribute]

mapAttribute ean to [ean_attribute]

When using advanced commands, be sure to click Update to save the changes.