Export Feed OpenCart Installation

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Here is the video manual for the installation: Watch a video

  1. Download and Install the feed creation module for OpenCart v2.x; OpenCart 1.5
  2. Navigate to OpenCart admin panel > Extensions > Modules > Cart Product Feed > Install
  3. Navigate back to Cart Product Feed > edit > save and the app will generate a token. Copy this token, which will be pasted in ExportFeed Cloud Service  (see step below)activate
  4. Follow these steps to create an ExportFeed Cloud Service account. RapidCart will be used to sync your product data to our servers and create feeds: http://www.exportfeed.com/rapidcart-hosted-shopping-cart-export-saas/setup-rapidcart-service/

  5. Once the sync is complete, you can begin creating feeds via the Sell on Merchants tab.
    Note: Our servers may place your sync process in the queue. It might take some time depending upon your product count and attributes in your store.