Export Feed OpenCart Installation

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Here is the video manual for the installation : Watch video

  1. Download and Install the feed creation module for: OpenCart v2.x; OpenCart 1.5
  2. Navigate to OpenCart admin panel > Extensions > Modules > Cart Product Feed > Install
  3. Navigate back to Cart Product Feed > edit > save and the app will generate a token. Copy this token, which will be pasted in rapidcart (see step below)activate
  4. Follow these steps to create a rapidcart account. RapidCart will be used to sync your product data to our servers and create feeds: http://www.exportfeed.com/rapidcart-hosted-shopping-cart-export-saas/setup-rapidcart-service/
  5. To view the sync status, see here: https://rapid.shoppingcartproductfeed.com/index.php?option=com_rapidcart&view=jobs.
  6. Once the sync is complete, you can begin creating feeds via the Create Feed tab.
    Note: Our servers may place your sync process in queue. If you don’t see any progress (refresh the jobs link from step 5 above), please be patient or let us know!