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Pre-requisites to list product on eBay Seller

Listing your eCommerce products on eBay will undoubtedly increase the sales revenue for your eCommerce business. However, you need to meet some requirements for listing bulk products on eBay. Here are the prerequisites.


Step-by-step to list bulk products on eBay

  • Step 1: Select eBay Seller as the Sales Channel if you are using our Cloud Service Apps (BigCommerce/ Shopify etc.). Or,
    Install ExportFeed eBay plugin for WooCommerce
  • Step 2: Provide the required values under the General Information settings on ExportFeed eBay plugin.
    When you are using the Cloud Service Apps, you can select your product category to include in feed.

Note: You will need to enter at least two commands for this section:
setAttributeDefault Action as VerifyAdd
setAttributeDefault Location as 12345 #(zip or postal code)

Please see the table below for additional settings, like Condition or Duration
A full list of requirements starts on page 22 of the File Exchange Advanced Instructions

eBay Attribute Required? Valid Entries How to set value:
Advanced command
Page #
Action Yes – user must set Add
setAttributeDefault Action as VerifyAdd 69
Category Yes – auto set the category id type a category in the category field 72
Title Yes – auto set Max 80 chars; alphanumeric string Automatically pulled from title field 85
Description Yes – auto set Automatically pulled from long/short description field 76
ConditionID Yes – auto set
1000 default
1000 = new
3000 = used
2750 = like new (category dependent)
Automatically set to 1000 (new).
Otherwise, use advanced command:
setAttributeDefault ConditionID to 1000
Quantity Yes – auto set [Integers] Automatically uses stock quantity
Or set a default value:
setAttributeDefault Quantity as 15
Format Yes – auto set
FixedPrice is the default value
FixedPrice (default)
Automatically set to FixedPrice

setAttributeDefault Format to Auction

StartPrice Yes – auto set
Price to buy item
[Numeric amounts] Automatically pulled from regular price or sale price field. 105
Duration Yes – auto set
How long the listing will be posted on eBay.
GTC (good till canceled – FixedPrices only)
Automatic default value is GTC

setAttributeDefault Duration as 30

Location or,
Yes – user must set
Indicates location of the item
[zip code]
[postal code]
Must set one attribute

setAttributeDefault Location as 12345


  • Step 3: Set up payment, shipping, return policy fields.

For this section you will set default values for eBay’s payment, shipping, and return fields. If you are using the ExportFeed’s WooCommerce eBay plugin,  you can provide these values through a User Interface also.

ebay shipping profile

While using the ExportFeed cloud service for your Shopify / BigCommerce to eBay product listings, you will require to use the commands given in the example below. After you select your eCommerce product category and eBay product category, you need to

  • Click on the products customization options.
  • Check and map attributes if necessary
  • Proceed to feed customization options
  • Click on the Advanced Commands box and use the commands listed below accordingly

shopify bigcommerce ebay product feed
setAttributeDefault PayPalAccepted as 1 (meaning you accept Paypal as a payment)
setAttributeDefault PayPalEmailAddress as name@example.com (Your Paypal email)
setAttributeDefault DispatchTimeMax as 2 (Sets the handling time to 2. You can change this value as you wish)
setAttributeDefault ShippingType as Flat
setAttributeDefault ShippingService-1:Option as UK_SellersStandardRate
setAttributeDefault ShippingService-1:Cost as 5 (set the flat shipping fee)

Please see the table below for additional information.

eBay Attribute Required? Valid Entries How to set the value Page #
Payment Fields
PayPalAccepted Yes 1 = true
0 = false
setAttributeDefault PayPalAccepted as 1
PayPalEmailAddress Required when PayPalAccepted is set to 1 (true). a valid email address
setAttributeDefault PayPalEmailAddress as name@example.com
Returns Fields
ReturnsAcceptedOption Yes – auto set ReturnsAccepted
Automatically set to accepted.

setAttributeDefault ReturnsAcceptedOption as ReturnsAccepted

Shipping & Handling Fields
DispatchTimeMax Yes
Handling period
-1 (pick up)
setAttributeDefault DispatchTimeMax as 2 86
ShippingType Yes Flat
setAttributeDefault ShippingType as Flat 91
ShippingService-X:Option Yes select a shipping service
from instruction guide
setAttributeDefault ShippingService-1:Option as USPSFirstClass
ShippingService-X:Cost If ShippingType is Flat Flat shipping fee setAttributeDefault ShippingService-1:Cost as 5

  • Step 4: Upload eBay CSV File

Once the feed is generated, navigate here:
UK: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/file_exchange/instructionsandresources.html?id=1
US: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/sellingresources/fileexchange.html

– Click: Upload Listings and Updates

– Upload your CSV file.

– Allow some time to eBay to process your file.

– Navigate to “Completed Downloads” and download the report.

Feel free to send us the report and we suggest corrections.

– Once ALL errors have been taken care of, change “VerifyAdd” above to “Add” in the first Action command —

Note: that your items will be added to eBay and you will be charged per listing.

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