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What is Become?

Become, Inc helps merchants increase sales, publishers monetize traffic and consumers make more informed shopping decisions. With over 500 publishers, Become operates the world’s largest syndication network for Product Ads.
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Become Requirements

  • Detailed feed specifications can be found here
  • There are a total of 7 required fields (see the table below). Please ensure your e-commerce webshop contains data for these mandatory fields.
  • In the table below is a list of attributes that the plugin maps automatically; you may need to map or create attributes yourself if the values are not found.
Become Attribute Required? Default mapping (or value) More information
merchant-category Yes current_category Select a category.
List of Become categories can be found here
offer-id Yes id Automatically uses store’s id
label Yes title Automatically uses product title
offer-url Yes link Automatically uses product link
description Yes description(long) Automatically uses your store’s long description
prices Yes price Automatically uses sale/regular price, whichever is lower
These fields are not required but auto-populated if the attribute is available
product-id Highly Recommended ean If present, will map from your ‘ean’ attribute
Brand Optional brand If present, will map from your ‘brand’ field
delivery-charge Highly Recommended Price for the delivery of the product to the customer
See “setup” to configure this attribute
delivery_period-text Optional The time it takes to deliver the product to the customer.
See “setup” to configure this attribute

Setup & Create a Become Feed

Because the setup is relatively simple and all required fields are automatically mapped from common fields, clicking Get Feed as is will likely create a successful Become Data Feed.

Setting up / changing the delivery-charge, delivery-period or merchant-category is done by entering a few lines in the plugin’s Advanced Commands box, examples below:

    • To set your delivery-charge, enter: setAttributeDefault delivery_charge as “4.50”
    • To set your delivery-period-text: setAttribuiteDefault delivery_period_text as “3-5 days”


Upload your Become Feed

The feed can be found from the plugin’s Manage Feeds page. Here you can find the public URL to your Become feed.
Please enter the link to access your data feed (myBecome > Data Integration). This location will be used to access your data and integrate the products.
See Become Data Feed Specifications page 6 for full details.