Merchant Integration Guide

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SHOP.COM Marketplace

SHOP.COM marketplace partnerships provide our merchant advertisers with additional reach and exposure for the products and brands they list (CPO or CPA product listings) within SHOP.COM. These distribution partnerships deliver either orders (CPO media model) or leads (CPA media model) to our participating merchant advertisers.

How to get started 

Install the Shopping Cart Productta Feed Plugin

Generate an Inventory File – Select “” as the Merchant Type.

Required Attributes 
  • Brand_Name
  • Category/Classification
  • Color
  • Condition
  • Product Description
  • Price
  • SKU or Inventory Number or Model
  • Sub Category ID
  • Title or Product Name
Merchant Integration 
  • Make sure that you have signed in to  SHOP.COM Merchant Seller account, otherwse
  • Step 1 – Sign SHOP.COM Merchant Seller Agreement.
    Step 2 – Set up Your Seller Account.
  • Step 3 – Upload your Inventory.
  • Step 4 – SHOP Open – Once you’ve finished the
    integration process your shop opens for business.
  • Step 5 – Sell – start selling your products.

If You find any confusion Please contact our support team