Custom Product Feed

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 At first , Go to create feed >  Select a merchant type

 Search products:
1. Search by keyword: type a keyword and click on search
2. Search category: select a particular category and click on search.
3. Search by brand: Type the brand name in the box and click on search.
4. Search by Sku: Type the sku value and click on search.
5. Search by price: Select the price range, insert the value required and click on search.


Click on “search product” after the filteration is done.

Select the products

– To insert remote category, you can either use a single category for all products or different category for different products.
To insert different categories, click on the ‘merchant category’ box and select the category needed. You can also type in the category name for specific search.

 To insert single category for all products:
1. Select products
2. choose ‘assign category’ option from the dropdown below the search result box
3. Click on the box where it says ‘start typing merchant category’ and type in the category name you need.
4. A list of category will appear and you can choose one from them.
5. After choosing category, click on ‘Apply’.


Click on “Move Selected” option.

This will move the selected products into a feed.

If you need any extra setting like inserting default values for attributes, you can use the feed config option.
1. Go to “Show Feed Config” option
2. Select  category which you want to edit.
3. From “Type” field, choose “Attributes” if you just need to map the fields. If you want to set a default value, choose “Custom Value” Option.
4. For “Attributes” option, choose the fields you want to map the value with.
4. For “Custom Value” option, give the default value for the field.
5. Click on update above the box.


Give name to the feed.

Click on “Get Feed”
Click on “View Feed”

Your feed is created successfully now. Go to “Manage feed” to edit the feed settings and changes.