Chapter 1: Benefits of Listing Your Products on Google Merchant

Google is definitely the industry giant when we talk about search engines. Now for eCommerce marketing, how can we use that info for our benefit? Well, Google has itself provided us with the Google Merchant and the Adwords services which will help us sell our products more efficiently. So how about we take a quick look into why you should consider listing your products in the Google Merchant / Product listing ads.

Increased Sales Revenue: Google merchant displays your product listing ads on the search networks so it increases your sales revenue.

Well Defined Purpose: These are more specific than the text ads. These include features that are specifically designed to boost the sales of a product instead of just increasing the visitors to your website like the text ads.

Clear Product Information: Product listing ads provide image of the product so they are more clear to the buyer before they click on your ads. Also the PLAs contain price and even rating of your product so the better you serve, the better you can sell.

Better Performance: The product ads that you display on Google network will have a better targeted audience. Since the Google Merchant platform will be connected with the Google Shopping Campaign, you will have a better control over the ads and your ads will perform better than the text ads.

More Traffic to your Website: These ads will redirect the traffic to your website but not just that, these ads will only cost you if someone clicks on your ads and is redirected to your website.

Multiple Device Targeting: The Google Product listing ads are served to mobile and tablet visitors and not just the people using their computers, so you have a high chances of making sales to visitors who are on multiple devices.

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