Prerequisites to send your Ecwid Feed to Amazon Marketplaces

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Prerequisites to send Ecwid based products to Amazon

Adding marketplaces to your sales channels is a great way to improve your sales revenue. Furthermore, Amazon is one of the high return yielding marketplace so it is better to start sooner than later. However you’ll need to meet some of the requirements first. Here are the  prerequisites to sell Ecwid products on Amazon.

1. Premium Ecwid Account – You won’t be allowed to install apps on trial store.

2. Amazon Marketplace Account – You need to have a professional seller plan for the desired Amazon Marketplace.

Note: Recently Amazon requires MWS Developer’s account to connect for sync functionality. Amazon takes around 30 days for the approval process. We have been able to receive the MWS key for North American Amazon Marketplaces so you can use that with our app. 

Developer’s Name: ExportFeed (Not Mandatory)

Developers ID: 3495-4337-7271

However, you can continue creating product feed by skipping the connection step. 

3. Trial or Premium subscription of ExportFeed: Sell on Amazon Marketplace.

4. ExportFeed app installed in your Ecwid Store.

5. Find the installation manual HERE

If you have any questions regarding the requirements or the sales process of Ecwid based products on Amazon marketplaces using ExportFeed app, please feel free to send us your queries.