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Installation guide for ExportFeed Plugin

ExportFeed plugins will install easily on any latest version of the WordPress installations. These plugins allow you to list and sell your products on the merchant sites. And, as the requirement of different merchants are different, you can find different plugins for the specific marketplaces.

1. Choose the right plugin that suits your need

Get plugin that supports creating feed for 40+ marketplaces

Want to sell on Amazon? Here’s the ExportFeed WooCommerce to Amazon Seller Central plugin.

Interested to grow through eBay? Get the ExportFeed WooCommerce to eBay Seller plugin.

Looking to list bulk products on Etsy? Check our ExportFeed WooCommerce to Etsy marketplace plugin.

2. Install and Activate Feed ExportFeed Plugin

Installation link Video for Installation in the WordPress

ExportFeed main plugin installation

Usual Way

  • Log in to WP Admin Dashboard
  • Find the Plugins on the left side and click on it.
  • Click on Add New plugin
  • Search “ExportFeed – Create Product Feeds For 40+ Merchants” and Install it.
  • Click on Activate button after the installation.

  • Go to Plugins menu on the WP Admin Dashboard
  • Click on Add New button
  • Upload the .zip file that you downloaded.
  • Within the Plugins menu find ExportFeed plugin.
  • Click on Install Now and Activate “ExportFeed – Create Product Feeds For 40+ Merchants” plugin

3. Enter your License Key to Activate Full Functionality

After the installation, you can ENTER and SAVE the license key for full functionality. You can continue using this plugin without the license key also. But you’ll only be able to create product feed for 100 product SKUs only.

Note: Please refresh the page after clicking “Save Key” in order for the license to take effect.

Don’t have a license key?

Register a trial  and enjoy using the amazing features. Or, opt-in for the pro-version if you are really want to grow through multiple sales channels.

4. Begin Creating Your Product Feeds

Now, you’re all set. Start creating data feeds by clicking “Product Feed “on the left admin panel.


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