Newegg Integration Guide

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Newegg Guide

Exporting data feeds to Newegg has now become easier. With ExportFeed you can get data feed in
Feed format: xls, csv, txt, xml

Feed Creation Guidelines

  1. Go to Create feed page.
  2. Select Newegg from the “select merchant” dropdown.
  3. Fill up the category field and and name field as well.
  4. Go down to “advanced commands” box and add this command:
    $newegg_shipping = Free
    (In place of “Free”, you can use any shipping method you use.)
  5. Click on Update and do get feed.

Newegg Requirements

  • Detailed feed instructions can be found here
  • There are a total of 13 required fields (see the table below). Please ensure your e-commerce webshop contains data for these mandatory fields.
  • In the table below is a list of attributes that the plugin maps automatically; you may need to map or create attributes yourself if the values are not found.
Newegg Attribute Required? Default mapping (or value) More information
Seller Part #* Yes sku By default, SKU is mapped to Seller Part# but if you need to change the mapping, you can do it from the drop-down.
Manufacturer* Yes brand Manufacturer here resembles brand or the producer.
Manufacturer Part #/ISBN* Yes There is no default mapping for this attribute. You need to map it to ISBN.
UPC* Yes Barcodes can be mapped to UPC. There is no default mapping for this attribute. You can map the available attributes: EAN/UPC
Inventory* Yes Website Long Title
Item Length* Yes length
Item Width* Yes width
Item Height* Yes height
Item Weight* Yes weight
Product Description* Yes description
Selling Price* Yes price
Shipping* Yes shipping Go down to “advanced commands” box and add this command:
$newegg_shipping = Free
(In place of “Free”, you can use any shipping method you use.)
Website Short Title* Yes title
Action Yes Action “Create Item”, “Update Item”,”Update Item Price and Inventory”, “Update/Append Image”, and “Replace Image”
Item Images Yes feature_imgurl The URL or address of the images of your products.
These fields are not required but auto-populated if the attribute is available
Activation Mark
Age 18+ Verification
CheckoutMAP Recommended
Choking Hazard 1
Choking Hazard 2 Highly Recommended
Currency Recommended currency
Item Condition Recommended condition
Item Package Recommended
Manufacturer Item URL
MAP Optional Minimum Advertised Pric
MSRP Optional
Prop 65 Optional
Related Seller Part # Recommended
Shipping Restriction
Website Long Title

Upload your Newegg Feed

The following are the steps to upload Newegg feed:

  • Logon to Seller Portal
  • From the Navigation panel
    a. Click Manage Items
    b. Click Batch Item Creation/Update
  • Click on the Upload Filetab
  • Click the Browse button
  • From the Open pop-up window
    a. Search for and select your data feed
    b. Click the Open button
  • Click on the Upload button
  • Check feed status under Uploaded File Status and History

See Newegg Data Feed Specifications for full details.