Uploading feed to SnapChat

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Created your SnapChat csv product feed using ExportFeed? Great. Here is the information that you need to upload your products on Snapchat.

 Follow the steps below to upload your csv product feed to SnapChat:
1. Go to http://forbusiness.snapchat.com and login with your access credentials.

forbusiness snapchat login
2.Click on Create Ads and then on Catalog.snapchat product catalogs

3. Here, you’ll find the sections

i) Export your products to csv

ii) Upload and Create ads

Go to Upload and Create ads and provide a catalog name for the product feed you will be uploading

upload catalog to snapchat

4. After uploading your Snapchat catalog, you will be prompted to add a member as Catalog Admin or Catalog Advertiser. If required you can add or skip this step if you are managing your store yourself.

add member to manage snapchat catalog

5. Check the status of your errors. If you have some product data errors, you will find them on Your Catalogs page.

5. Now start your campaign with catalog sales objective and run your ads on SnapChat
Check more information here.