How to create Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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Steps to create and manage  Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

One of the best practices to increase the sales of your products is by increasing social proof. This is the reason why social commerce practice is blooming. Selling your products through Social Media sites will not only provide the social proof for your business but will also help you conduct retargeting campaigns to upsell and cross-sell products. And what better platform than Facebook?

Prerequisites to integrate your eCommerce products with Facebook Shop:

1. Install ExportFeed plugin on your WordPress alongside WooCommerce or WP-eCommerce plugin

2. A Facebook page for your business and connect it with your Business Manager account.

How to integrate WooCommerce shop with Facebook?

  1. Using the ExportFeed Feed plugin, generate a feed – Select “Facebook XML” as the Merchant Type
    creating facebook feed
  2. Create a business via:
    facebook business manager
  3. Select Gear Drop down (top right), then Business Manager Settings
  4. Select Product Catalogs (from the left menu)
  5. Create a product catalog: Add New Product Catalog
  6. Click Home (top left)
  7. Click your newly created Product Catalog
  8. Click “+ Add a Product Feed”
  9. Enter a name for your feed and then add the URL that is generated when you click “Get Feed” or “View” in the ExportFeed plugin Manage Feeds page
    1. Set scheduling to your desired preferences

Set up pixels using the Woocommerce-FB-EventPixels plugin

  • Note: If you already have the Custom Audience Pixels implemented elsewhere, please remove it to avoid duplicate pixel codes
  • Download the plugin
  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > Facebook Dynamic Ads. Insert Custom Audience Pixel into the plugin’s “Custom Audience Pixel” field
  • Pixel helper (for troubleshooting):

Set up dynamic product ads template using Power Editor

Creating an Audience

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