Setup RapidCart Service

Before you can create data feeds using Rapid Cart, you will first need to sync your product data to our servers. Follow the steps below to set up your Rapid Cart service.

1. Install ExportFeed plugin on & save license key

WordPress: Install for WooCommerce or WP ecommerce
Joomla: Install for VirtueMart

2. Create a RapidCart account

Go to and create an account.

create rapidcart account

3. Complete the registration by entering your user data.

register for rapidcart service
Remember or write down your username and password

4. Log into RapidCart

After successfully registering, log in with the credentials you just created
rapidcart login

5. Install your Shopify, WordPress, or OpenCart Store

First click the “My Shops” tab and then hover over the tab. Select to install from Shopify, WordPress or OpenCart
rapidcart install store

6. Import Your Store

Enter the following data:
The URL of the shop: this is your website, with the format
Token: Enter the license key you were given. Be sure to enter it’s entirety, including the beginning text.
Click Install.
import store to rapidcart

Errors – Skip to Step 7 if installation is successful.

6a. If you get this screen, double check that the license key is saved in WordPress. A successful save key will no longer show the license key field
rapid cart incorrect key

If you haven’t already, install the Cart Product Feed plugin/app on your website and enter the key. Click save.
wordpress license key

6b. “The webserver returned invalid data”
Please double check the store name and the plugin is properly activated on your website.
Also please configure firewall settings to whitelist RapidCart’s IP: -for the IP, please contact us along with your website-
rapid cart invalid server
Log out and log back in once you feel the data is correct.

7. Sync / Refresh Your Products to Rapid Cart

Note that you only have to do this once. Please contact us if you’d like to set up a sync interval.

a) Navigate to the “My Shops” tab and click on your store name.
rapid cart sync

b) Start the sync process by clicking “Refresh Product List” one time
rapid cart refresh product list

c) Allow RapidCart time to pull your products into its database. This can take up to 2 hours depending on the amount of data you have (products, fields, etc…).
rapidcart jobs
Refresh the page to see the “progress”. Once the jobs are done — you’ll see no more jobs — you can proceed to create a feed.

8. Create Feed

Click on the “Create Feed” tab and Generate your first feed
rapidcart create feed

To activate your license key: Click on the “My Shops” tab and then your store name. Enter and save the license.