Advanced Commands with Amazon Templates

1. First note that NOT ALL fields are necessary when uploading a template. You will notice our template does not have the 200 or more fields present in Amazon’s.. this is OK as long as you provide at least the required fields. You may add your desired fields using the advanced commands box (provided examples below).

2. As mentioned, important fields like product title, description & quantity to name a few, are automatically mapped. If at any time you want to change these, use the deleteAttribute / setAttribute commands found here.

Examples of advanced commands. These are commands used by our plugin to customize your feed.

Mapping WooCommerce attributes to Amazon fields.

Let’s say you want to map your WooCommerce title to Amazon’s bullet-point1 field.

First (preferred) method:
Find the row with “Bullet Points 1” under the Amazon’s attribute column (second column). Using the dropdowns, select the “title” attribute.

Mapping via the plugin’s attribute table.

Second (advanced commands) method:
Click the [advanced commands] link to show the box and type:

mapAttribute title to bullet-point1
setParam localized_name "Bullet Point 1"


Setting an Amazon field to a default value. This value will be present throughout all items.

Example: You want to create a default value for the Amazon field: item-type-keyword (you’ll most likely have to do this). These keywords are found in the BTG file here:

a. Select or find the drop-down attribute associated with the Amazon field.
set default value

b. Using the advanced commands, type the following to set default/static values. Then click Update to save changes.

setAttributeDefault item_type as "industrial-floor-warning-signs"
setAttributeDefault default1 as "The Brand"

– Because item_type is mapped (via the plugin attribute table) to item-type-keyword, the default value for this attribute is “industrial-floor-warning-signs”
– Because default1 is mapped to brand, the brand field in the data feed will contain the value “The Brand” for all items

Removing/Deleting fields

To delete an attribute or field from the data feed, select or find the attribute in question from the drop down menu.

Example: delete the attribute item_type from the data feed

Next, open the Advanced Commands box and enter: deleteAttribute [identifier-name]

Example: enter the command to remove the item_type field

Generic example for creating and mapping default attributes

setAttributeDefault [identifier-name] as [identifier-value]
mapAttribute [identifier-name] to [Amazon-field-name]
setParam localized_name [Amazon-local-label-name]


Hit Update and then Get Feed.