Editing Your Inventory Template

The plugin will generate a tab delimited CSV file (the required format for some merchants). To edit the file yourself, first save the file to your local hard drive. Open the file in a text editor and copy/paste all contents into a spreadsheet. Afterwards you will be able to edit and enter any missing values. Lastly, save the file as a tab delimited text file so it’s ready for upload.

1. Save the CSV file

– Immediately after generating a feed you’ll be prompted to save the csv file
– Alternatively, under the Manage Feeds page, “view” the csv to download

2. Open the saved file in any text editor.

Using a text editor will prevent the data from being incorrectly formatted (by a spreadsheet software for example)

3. Select all (ctrl+A or cmd+A) contents and copy to clipboard (ctrl+c or cmd+c)

amazon seller select all

4. Paste the contents into a spreadsheet software (MS Excel) for editing

Note: If you see extra (blank) lines after pasting, follow these steps to remove them:

  1. Select the entire first column (usually by clicking the A column)
  2. Click “Edit” and then “Go To…”
  3. In a window that appears, click “Special…”
  4. Select “Blanks” then hit OK
  5. Click “Edit” and then “Delete…”
  6. Select “Entire row” and hit OK.

Your Feed/CSV file can now be easily modified.
amazon complete

5. After completing your changes, you will need to save your file in “Tab Delimited” (text) format.

amazon save as text tab delimited

6. Upload the saved file to desired Merchant

For more info, please review:
– Amazon Guide
– Bing Guide