Upload Google data feeds via Automatic Upload to Google Merchant Center

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Follow the steps below to Create & Upload Google Data Feed to Google Merchant Center:

  1. Sign in to your Google Merchant Center account.
  2. If you do not have one, click here to register.
  3. Now click on Feed tab on the dashboard.

Google Merchant Center Dashboard

  1. On the feed page, click on red colour Data Feed

create google data feed example


  1. Select these options:
    1. Choose “Standard” option radio button for Mode
    2. Choose “Product” option from dropdown list for Feed Type (not Online Inventory Product Update)
    3. Choose your “appropriate country” from Target Country dropdown list
    4. Choose your “appropriate language” from Content Language dropdown list
    5. In Feed Name textbox type any (descriptive) name for your feed
    6. And click continue

 google shoppping feed template product category

  1. Now select the Automatic upload (scheduled fetch) radio button and click Continue

google merchant center automatic feed upload and update

  1. On Feed setup page, select following options,
    1. In what is the name of the file you will upload? Textbox type the name of your feed file
    2. Select the “appropriate among (daily, weekly and monthly)” options from the Fetch Frequency dropdown list
    3. Select the appropriate “time zone” from the Time zone dropdown list
    4. Now copy and paste your “feed URL” in to the Feed URL textbox and click save.
    5. Leave the username and password fields BLANK

google shopping product feed setup example

Navigate back to the Feeds tab, click on the feed link and hit “Fetch”.
By following this process you will be able to create and run your Google Shopping Advertising Campaign from WooCommerce. And, if you face any confusion or come across any questions during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.