Inventory management in multichannel selling practice – Must know information

inventory management in multichannel selling

Where does inventory management stand on your retail business scope? This is an obvious topic but you need to think about it carefully – even with a topmost priority if you are planning to implement or are practicing a multichannel selling model. 

Who can skip inventory management? You. Only if you are selling the dropshipping products using some software that automatically handles the inventory management aspect. 

Optimizing your WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign

woocommerce to google shopping optimization tips for beginners

When you connect your WooCommerce shop to the Google Merchant Center to launch your Google Shopping campaigns by connecting it with the Google Ads, you can experience real sales growth. The power of Google Shopping campaign is that it takes the product attributes and displays your products on search results based on the attributes. So, obviously optimizing your WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign needs optimization on your WooCommerce product attributes.

How to prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when listing in bulk

bigcommerce etsy products seo tips

BigCommerce lets you enjoy your authority over product listings and Etsy offers exposure to a mass audience. So, it is not an option that you choose between these two platforms. The best way to go is starting with BigCommerce Etsy Integration as it promises better sales revenue. 

Finding the right practices to integrate your BigCommerce products with the Etsy store will be difficult for the starters. Mostly, we’ll cover how you should prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when creating bulk product listing.

Create product category for Etsy

How Amazon Fees Affect The Cost Of Selling On Amazon

amazon selling costs

As an Amazon seller there’s a lot out there you’ll need to learn about. Sometimes things come to you over time but some things are more important to know upfront. Amazon listing fees are definitely something you should know about before you list your first product. If you aren’t sure how much your fees will be there’s a good chance you won’t price your product appropriately.

Understanding how Amazon fees work can be a little confusing. There are a lot of factors to consider and things like using FBA services can tack on extra fees you might not have considered. While there are tools out there like FBA fee and profit calculators to help you along the way, it’s good to know how Amazon fees work and what you can expect. 

Selling on Google Shopping? Combine campaign with Google Shopping Actions

google shopping actions

If you haven’t been checking the new ways to improve your sales using Google platforms, Google Shopping Actions may sound new to you. However, this is the latest buzz on the eCommerce marketing and sales arena. So, what is Google Shopping Actions? Google Shopping Actions offer to sell your products through the Google Express if you qualify for it and other platforms across Google.

Benefits offered by Google Shopping Actions

Summing up the main benefits of starting your eCommerce marketing practices on Google Shopping Actions, these two points offer the main values.

Two Important Functionality Added in our Shopify Etsy App

update attribute on etsy

If you’ve been using our Shopify app to send your products to the Etsy marketplace, you probably already noticed what has changed.

  1. We’ve added a flat shipping template to allow Etsy sellers to send their products to Etsy including the shipping information required for those products.
  2. Ability to configure sync settings for products on a detailed product attribute level has been added.

WooCommerce to Etsy Plugin with Detailed Sync Settings Released

woocommerce to etsy plugin detailed sync settings

Multichannel selling opens a gateway for growth. It allows your products to reach out to the customers whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach out to. But as you are selling through more than one marketplace it sometimes gets difficult to keep track of the information that you’ve spread across different channels.

Where the clear benefit of multichannel sales is increased sales, the downside is the chance of overselling. But, this can be easily handled by using ExportFeed plugin for WooCommerce to Etsy as this provides orders and inventories sync functionality if you are selling on WooCommerce and Etsy.

How can Amazon Sponsored Products program help increase sale after successful listing

amazon sponsored program to increase sales

Listing your products on Amazon is definitely the most important campaigns for your eCommerce business. Amazon is probably the only marketplace where true sellers’ meet the genuine buyers. However, after listing your products on Amazon, it may be a bit difficult for a seller to ensure that the products are found when a user searches. There are different reasons for this. And Amazon Marketplace itself has provided a solution for this – Amazon Sponsored Products program.

What is Amazon’s Sponsored Products program?

Sponsored Products are ads for individual product listings on Amazon. They appear on search results pages and product detail pages, helping drive sales and product visibility. Sponsored Brands showcase your brand and product portfolio.

Your WooCommerce And Google Shopping Integration Opportunities

woocommerce and google shopping integration opportunities

When you start a new website, if you are aware of the website marketing trends, you want to rank your site on the first page of Google Search Engine. Likewise, most of the people want to rank their WooCommerce site on the first page of Google Search Engine.

But, is this “keyword ranking” the correct metric to measure the visibility of your WooCommerce site?

Shouldn’t your products carry more value than your WooCommerce site pages?

Don’t you want to send your WooCommerce products to the visitors of Google Shopping, rather than send your WooCommerce site’s URLs to the Google Search Engine users?

If you’re more focused on increasing sales, you need to focus on WooCommerce and Google Shopping Integration, rather than ranking for some keywords on the Google Search Engine.