Tips to select correct Amazon Category for your products

why sell on amazon

It is not uncommon for sellers to enter into the marketplaces without first buying from them. It may not even be possible at times. But you need an understanding of the site architecture and organization of products on the marketplace.

If you are facing difficulty to select Amazon categories, your products won’t be listed on the right directory, and your potential customers will also find it difficult to find your products. Result: Lost Sales!

Here, we’ll present you with some tips to map the correct Amazon product category for the products of your shop.

BigCommerce Amazon Integration – A new way to achieve the good old sales results

bigcommerce amazon integration for sales

BigCommerce is a eCommerce platform that serves your needs for every type of online shop. It provided you with easy option to add products and product related information to your eCommerce site. However, it doesn’t come inbuilt with the tools that you need to give the deserved exposure for your products.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your BigCommerce platform could help you on your marketing needs. But it does. If you haven’t visited the BigCommerce App Store recently, you may be unaware of the recent addition to plethora of tools that you can use for marketing your BigCommerce based products.

When it comes to marketing your eCommerce products, one sure-fire way to boost your sales is making those products available through Amazon marketplaces as well.

But there’s a dilemma even when you start listing your BigCommerce products on Amazon. Should you list all your products or just some of them?

If you are subscribed to a professional seller plan on Amazon, is there any good reason that you shouldn’t send all of them? After all, it would give your products more exposure. But that would take a lot of time to fill in those Amazon inventory templates. So what is the solution? A feature packed feed management software which is created with the focus to increase your sales.

Should you participate on social commerce with your OpenCart store?

social commerce with opencart store

Social commerce is rising and it is now widely adopted by the eCommerce marketing consultants. But how far can it take you? And before anything else, how much do you know about social commerce? The basics: You display your products on social media where your potential customers can buy them. That’s profitable, agreed, but should you participate on social commerce with OpenCart store?

Tips to grow the sales of Shopify products on Amazon India

Shopify Amazon India

Since 2012 your competitors of Shopify store are selling on Amazon India and now it is already 2018. So, did you grab the sales benefits? Have you been able to grow your sales on the Indian marketplace? If not, we will discuss on some points here that’ll help you grow your Shopify based business on Amazon.

Without any delay, we’ll start checking the points that you need to work on for effective selling of Shopify based products on Amazon India. Check here if you haven’t started with your Shopify Amazon Integration.

Shopify Amazon Australia Integration – New window of opportunity for Shopify Sellers

shopify amazon australia integration

You have been doing it all along, you have the resources and you know the tricks. What more? A new playground to start on! Selling your Shopify products on Amazon marketplaces must have been profitable – if you were doing it right.

Now, you’ve got Amazon Australia marketplace. Do it all over again, but with a twist. Grab ExportFeed this time to optimize the products. Take ExportFeed trial for a spin. You’ll be amazed with the power that this app gives in your hands. After everything else, it is time and effort that counts. Not necessarily the more you spend these, the higher your returns will be.

Preparations to sell Shopify products on Etsy for increased sales revenue

shopify products on etsy

Etsy is a well known marketplace specifically developed to sell your handmade and antique products. A lot of sellers are looking to sell these products in Etsy and some of them experience massive luck. But, for some sellers whether it is the technical difficulties or lack of basic marketing and product promotion skills, they get stuck at their first few sales. Here, we’ll take a look at the difficulties of an Etsy seller while sending Shopify products on Etsy.

Sell on Etsy or Sell on Shopify? How about Shopify Etsy sync?

shopify etsy sync

Etsy is a merchant that allows you to sell your handmade products, wholesale items and antiques. The visitors of this marketplace are mostly from USA and the neighboring countries. So if you are planning to sell in the specific region then Etsy is one merchant that you should not miss listing your products here. And if you are already selling through your own Shopify based store, ExportFeed offers you unique opportunity of Shopify Etsy sync.

Shopify eBay Sync – No more just a growth opportunity, it is a Necessity

shopify etsy sync

Imagine how many people have chosen Shopify as their eCommerce platform. And a seller who is selling the same products that you sell is your competitor if they are serving the same geographical region. So, how do you compete with them?

An easy answer would be to bid higher on the ads that you put on your PPC networks. But is that enough? Are you following an effective strategy? Bidding for the higher position is a well-used strategy and it can gradually get costlier. You need a concrete plan to reach out to your customers.

Shopify Google Shopping Integration – how to start and how to prepare for success?

The best part about Google Shopping is that it takes your product attributes as the keywords. This alone increases your possibility of reaching more potential customers. This is so huge that you can’t miss implementing. That is one but there are more reasons why you should start your Shopify Google Shopping Integration.

Think about the number of products that you have in your Shopify store. Now, think about their attributes. Any combination of product attributes such as product size and category can be the keyword used to display your products.

Someone searches for a large t-shirt and Google Shopping may display your products, or the same product may be shown for a cotton t-shirt. The size and category were taken at the first ad display and at second, the material and category were taken as the keyword combination.