Shopify eBay Sync – No more just a growth opportunity, it is a Necessity

Shopify eBay sync

Imagine how many people have chosen Shopify as their eCommerce platform. And a seller who is selling the same products that you sell is your competitor if they are serving the same geographical region. So, how do you compete with them?

An easy answer would be to bid higher on the ads that you put on your PPC networks. But is that enough? Are you following an effective strategy? Bidding for the higher position is a well-used strategy and it can gradually get costlier. You need a concrete plan to reach out to your customers.

Shopify Google Shopping Integration – how to start and how to prepare for success?

The best part about Google Shopping is that it takes your product attributes as the keywords. This alone increases your possibility of reaching more potential customers. This is so huge that you can’t miss implementing. That is one but there are more reasons why you should start your Shopify Google Shopping Integration.

Think about the number of products that you have in your Shopify store. Now, think about their attributes. Any combination of product attributes such as product size and category can be the keyword used to display your products.

Someone searches for a large t-shirt and Google Shopping may display your products, or the same product may be shown for a cotton t-shirt. The size and category were taken at the first ad display and at second, the material and category were taken as the keyword combination.

WooCommerce Amazon Integration – Why this is NOT your OPTIONAL marketing strategy?

woocommerce amazon integration

Running your business in WooCommerce platform? Great, you enjoy a great deal of flexibility!

Flexibility, in the sense, you can install and experiment with all the free marketing and site optimization plugins available on WordPress plugin repository.

But, which plugin can get the visitors directly to your site and help you sell? None! So you need to send your products to Amazon marketplace – send your products to where the customers are.

However, simply sending your products on Amazon is not enough. You also need to maintain inventory level of products on the both platforms, WooCommerce and Amazon.

You definitely don’t want to get into problems like overselling and underselling. That’s why you need WooCommerce Amazon Integration on top of your marketing strategy.

Shopify Facebook Integration – Why, how and the best practices to sell on Facebook


Neither Shopify nor Facebook needs any introduction to the entire online community, though Shopify Facebook integration may call for some guidance.

But the irony is, some people still need reasons for why they should not limit their products to the Shopify store only. Hope that’s not you. But we have some valuable information for you too, even if you have integrated your Shopify store with Facebook marketplace.

Shopify, as a hosted eCommerce platform, offers you super strength and tools to grow your business. But, for marketing efforts, we can confidently say that you are never over-prepared. And when it is about eCommerce marketing, the phrase “Less is more” does not apply. So, you should not miss the opportunity of Shopify Facebook integration when you have one right ahead of you.

Want to start selling on Amazon Marketplaces? Learn about the requirements and best practices here


We are sure that you have purchased at least once from Amazon marketplace. Probably you also created your account on Amazon if you are a regular buyer there. You may have also seen the Sell on Amazon and registered yourself as a seller. In this post, we’ll discuss the type of Amazon Seller Accounts, Amazon Marketplaces and selling considerations.

Before jumping into how to create a seller account, we’ll take a brief look at the Amazon Marketplaces that are available.

The available Amazon Marketplaces

Top Apps on BigCommerce App Store That You Must Try

bigcommerce app store top apps

With your well-planned eCommerce business powered by BigCommerce, you are all set to make your first sales within days and gradual increase in sales sooner than later. BigCommerce offers most of the marketing tools already set so it is effective for business.

Now that BigCommerce has even implemented image optimization in the core of its platform, your buyers can enjoy viewing high-quality product images that can be viewed quickly without having an impact on the page load time.

All of these increases your sales but you also need to maintain the functionality of your business and handle the shipping as well. Those are the part of your business operations which we’ll discuss here.

WooCommerce to Etsy Plugin Updated to Include the Most Demanded Features

etsy plugin updated with product variation

Etsy is a unique marketplace. It allows you to list the handmade products and sell to the visitors of Etsy. But, for the sellers who want to list bulk products, it is also a uniquely difficult marketplace. The variations of products that you would want to list in Etsy in bulk, either you would need to manually change the product listing or change the feed manually. But now that’s a history. We have updated our WooCommerce to Etsy plugin to provide the most demanded features in your listings.

Features that we have improved in this update:

  • Added Support for Multiple Image Upload: Why is this so important? While selling online, the only way that your potential customers are able to interact with your product is through the information that you have provided in the listing. And as it is said, an image speaks a thousands words. So, the ability to upload multiple image helps to better represent your products and helps to increase conversions.
  • Added Support for Variation Listing: None of the sellers like to make individual listings on Etsy for the variations of same products. Further if that has to be done manually, it turns out to be a headache. With this version release of the plugin, we have added support for listings of variable products. Now, you can simply choose to install ExportFeed on your WordPress site, connect it with Etsy and send your product information easily to boost your sales.

You can grab the updated version of WooCommerce to Etsy plugin from here:

List WooCommerce Products on Etsy

If you need more information regarding integrating your WooCommerce products with Etsy, please feel free to check  our documentation or send us a support request.

Great News about Bing Product Ads for WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce & OpenCart site owners!

bing shopping ads

Recently, Bing made some changes in the specifications of Bing Product Ads feeds. These product feed specification changes will leave many bulk sellers who have listed their products in Bing Shopping confused.

The causal effect of being unable to stay updated with this change made in Bing Shopping can lead to feed submission errors or even more, it could lead to misrepresentation of products in the bing marketplace.

For this reason, we at ExportFeed have taken prompt action to update our free and premium applications that will help you create product feed matching every requirement specified by Bing.

For WooCommerce to Bing product feed, you can get the plugin from here:

For Shopify to Bing product feed, you can get the app from here:

For BigCommerce to Bing product feed, you can get the app from here:

For OpenCart to Bing product feed, you can or any other questions that you may have regarding listing product feeds to Bing, please feel free to let us know.