Our Etsy plugin for WooCommerce to Etsy bulk upload is Updated

etsy bulk upload plugin updated

We’ve updated our Etsy plugin recently with improvements regarding the bulk product upload, product variation support, multiple image support for individual products and more. ExportFeed plugin still stands as the complete tool for Etsy bulk upload and create your WooCommerce product listings to sell more products through Etsy marketplace.

Before going in to the details of what we’ve changed with this version of the Etsy plugin, let’s first recap the most important reasons why Etsy is such an amazing marketplace to sell your products.

Amazon and Shopify Integration with the Right Tools to Ensure Success

amazon and shopify integration

Selling your Shopify products on Amazon is definitely a profitable journey. Why now jump into it, right away? What might you need for this…
Let’s take a look.

  1. Professional Amazon seller account
  2. Product listing tool with plethora of options
  3. Product research tools to keep the business profitable
  4. Shipping tools to handle the shipping

We’ll take a brief look on each of these:

WooCommerce Etsy Integration – Aiming for maximum profitability in this multi-channel campaign setup

woocommerce etsy integration best practices

WooCommerce provides a reliable way to run your eCommerce business. However, you need to reach out to your customers to grow your business. Take a look at the current eCommerce marketing trends – multi-channel marketing, omni-channel marketing and bulk products affiliate marketing tops the chart!

All these are great but as a beginner, you need to start with low effort yet a promising quick revenue path. So, did you take a look at multi-channel marketing with WooCommerce Etsy integration campaign?

Here is the information about…

  1. Products that sell high on Etsy – Your WooCommerce products you must list on Etsy
  2. What attributes are necessary for those product categories for a successful listing?
  3. How often should you update your products on Etsy marketplace and how much it costs?
  4. What are the best practices for integrating WooCommerce products on Etsy marketplace?
  5. Which other marketplaces should you consider adding to your multi-channel marketing strategy

Let’s begin!

Selling your BigCommerce Products on Facebook the Unconventional Way

BigCommerce Facebook integration for sales boost

Selling your products on Facebook means you need complete these steps first:

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Link with business manager account
  3. Create a Facebook shop 
  4. List your products on Facebook shop
  5. Get targeted customers to like your page
  6. Keep the likes and engagements on your page going high

Even if you haven’t moved on to the 3rd step, we will guide you through this post on how to accomplish that with least amount of effort required. 

Looking to increase sales of eCommerce based on Shopify? Sell on Amazon using these tricks

Shopify sell on Amazon

One of the starter tips to increase the sales of your Shopify site is to connect it with the major sales channels. Now, if you had to choose one of the sales channel, which would it be?

Unless you are already comfortable with running PPC ads, the most obvious choice to increase product sales from Shopify-Sell on Amazon! Right?

Taking a look at the Amazon marketplace, it gives a lot of reasons to join.

  • Brand value and a lot of customers
  • Cost effective selling plans
  • Advanced customer targeting & reporting
  • Continuous optimization practices
  • Easy to get started and, a tonne of others reasons.

WooCommerce Etsy Integration issues & how to solve them – Explained

woocommerce etsy integration issues

Handmade products are highly in demand in the US market. But reaching out to the customers who are looking for them is difficult in the beginning.  For that, it is a popular practice to use WooCommerce plugin on the WordPress platform to create an online presence.

This is definitely a good idea. But, more people search for handmade products on Etsy than on any specific retailers’ WooCommerce based site. This is the reason why WooCommerce Etsy Integration is important which we will discuss here.

How to Sync eBay with WooCommerce to boost sales and avoid overselling?

woocommerce ebay integration for product exposure

eBay is a well-renowned marketplace and the ability to list your WooCommerce products on eBay pays off well. However, you also need to maintain the inventory values between your WooCommerce and eBay stores. So, it is important that you use the right tools to sync eBay with WooCommerce.

Here are some of the other reasons why you should always aim to maintain synchronization between your eBay and WooCommerce store.

Variable products of your BigCommerce store shouldn’t get stagnant there – here’s how to get it moving!

your BigCommerce product variation improved

Your products have their unique identities and they even have their unique personalities. Don’t believe that? So why do stern men purchase black clothes? Or why do the little or teen girls go for the pink accessories?

Your products even have age and they correspond to the age of the buyer. These variable attributes of your products make them appealing for specific buyers. But, if you have done a bit of research on your buyer’s behavior, you already know that.

You also know that your BigCommerce store has far fewer visitors than the popular marketplaces which is why you have started to create BigCommerce product feed and send them over to the merchants.

But, what if the products that you send do not match the persona of your buyers? You need to send over all your BigCommerce product variations to those merchants. and we’ve improved our BigCommerce variable product feed support for ExportFeed app.

How to increase conversions of your WooCommerce eBay Product Listings following simple tips?

woocommerce ebay product listing

Listing your WooCommerce products on eBay offers multiple benefits including increased exposure, more conversions, and others. But, apart from that eBay also offers the sellers the option to dropship products from suppliers of the US itself. There are more notable benefits of selling on eBay. But what if you already own a WooCommerce shop? What are the steps that you should take to get more conversions of your WooCommerce eBay product listings? Those are the points that we will discuss here:

Making sure that your bulk products are listed on eBay without feed rejection: