Face Masks & Coverings category added to Etsy plugin!

face mask category update

In 2020, the face mask industry size hit an all-time-record of USD 4581.9 million. 

It is logical to assume that the coronavirus outbreak plummeted the sales of face masks overnight.

If you’re planning to delve into this business but are still on the fence about its sustainability, here’s something even more shocking (positively) –  the worldwide face mask market size is expected to record a remuneration of USD 21,210 million by the end of 2026. 

Taking this massive opportunity for Etsy sellers into consideration, ExportFeed team is excited to announce the official launch of Face Masks & Coverings category to our plugin. 

This will help you generate feeds that fall under this category a breeze! 

Simply select Face Masks & Coverings category while creating a feed and we’ll do the rest on auto-pilot.

Don’t have the ExportFeed Etsy plugin yet? Get it here!

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