How to prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when listing in bulk

bigcommerce etsy products seo tips

BigCommerce lets you enjoy your authority over product listings and Etsy offers exposure to a mass audience. So, it is not an option that you choose between these two platforms. The best way to go is starting with BigCommerce Etsy Integration as it promises better sales revenue. 

Finding the right practices to integrate your BigCommerce products with the Etsy store will be difficult for the starters. Mostly, we’ll cover how you should prepare BigCommerce products for Etsy SEO when creating bulk product listing.

Create product category for Etsy

Selling your BigCommerce Products on Facebook the Unconventional Way

BigCommerce Facebook integration for sales boost

Selling your products on Facebook means you need complete these steps first:

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Link with business manager account
  3. Create a Facebook shop 
  4. List your products on Facebook shop
  5. Get targeted customers to like your page
  6. Keep the likes and engagements on your page going high

Even if you haven’t moved on to the 3rd step, we will guide you through this post on how to accomplish that with least amount of effort required.