Selling on Google Shopping? Combine campaign with Google Shopping Actions

google shopping actions

If you haven’t been checking the new ways to improve your sales using Google platforms, Google Shopping Actions may sound new to you. However, this is the latest buzz on the eCommerce marketing and sales arena. So, what is Google Shopping Actions? Google Shopping Actions offer to sell your products through the Google Express if you qualify for it and other platforms across Google.

Benefits offered by Google Shopping Actions

Summing up the main benefits of starting your eCommerce marketing practices on Google Shopping Actions, these two points offer the main values.

Increases customer loyalty: As only the products that can be delivered within 4 days are listed, users are assured that their products are delivered from your warehouse directly to them without delay. So, your customers are more inclined to buy products from you rather than your competitors who are selling products elsewhere.

Increases product visibility: When selling through Google Shopping Actions, your products are displayed through multiple Google Platforms in order to increase your sales. As the visibility increases, branding of your business also increases and you can notice the direct impact on your sales volume.

In the US, you can sell your products directly on Google everywhere people shop.
In France, you can sell your products on and on Google Assistant.

Participating in Google Shopping Actions?

To participate in Google Shopping Actions, you’ll need to go through an application process and get approval. Along with that, you need to have a Merchant Center Account where you’ll find Shopping Actions. Through this Shopping Actions menu, you’ll be able to set parameters of your products on Google platforms.

You’ll need to submit your products data to Google Shopping Actions matching the feed specifications. The requirements for listing products on Google Shopping Actions are like that of Google Shopping but with added requirements for certain parts like orders.

You’ll need to use the Orders API to use the Google Shopping Actions. In order to integrate your Google Merchant Center with the Shopping Actions for Order API, you’ll find the information here.

Eligibility to be listed on Google Express

In order to sell your products through Google Express, you’ll need to make sure that you are eligible to ship your products within 3 days. For those products which take you more than 3 days to deliver, they won’t be listed in Google Express.

Along with that, your products to be listed on Google Express needs to be listed completely on the Google Shopping Actions. This is a marketplace like Amazon and won’t redirect the visitors to your eCommerce site but enables users to buy directly; within 2 clicks.

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