Woocommerce to Google Shopping Ads tips for beginners

woocommerce to google shopping optimization tips for beginners

If you are planning to start the Google Shopping campaign for your WooCommerce products this holiday season, we are providing a few tips here to make sure that you meet the requirements for your Shopping ads. 

The basic process first

  1. Create a product feed of your WooCommerce products using ExportFeed
  2. Login to your Google Merchant Center and submit your product feed. 
  3. Connect your Google Shopping center with your Google Ads account
  4. Set up a Shopping campaign for your WooCommerce products 

Optimizing your WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign

woocommerce to google shopping optimization tips for beginners

When you connect your WooCommerce shop to the Google Merchant Center to launch your Google Shopping campaigns by connecting it with the Google Ads, you can experience real sales growth. The power of Google Shopping campaign is that it takes the product attributes and displays your products on search results based on the attributes. So, obviously optimizing your WooCommerce Google Shopping Campaign needs optimization on your WooCommerce product attributes.

Selling on Google Shopping? Combine campaign with Google Shopping Actions

google shopping actions

If you haven’t been checking the new ways to improve your sales using Google platforms, Google Shopping Actions may sound new to you. However, this is the latest buzz on the eCommerce marketing and sales arena. So, what is Google Shopping Actions? Google Shopping Actions offer to sell your products through the Google Express if you qualify for it and other platforms across Google.

Benefits offered by Google Shopping Actions

Summing up the main benefits of starting your eCommerce marketing practices on Google Shopping Actions, these two points offer the main values.

Your WooCommerce And Google Shopping Integration Opportunities

woocommerce and google shopping integration opportunities

When you start a new website, if you are aware of the website marketing trends, you want to rank your site on the first page of Google Search Engine. Likewise, most of the people want to rank their WooCommerce site on the first page of Google Search Engine.

But, is this “keyword ranking” the correct metric to measure the visibility of your WooCommerce site?

Shouldn’t your products carry more value than your WooCommerce site pages?

Don’t you want to send your WooCommerce products to the visitors of Google Shopping, rather than send your WooCommerce site’s URLs to the Google Search Engine users?

If you’re more focused on increasing sales, you need to focus on WooCommerce and Google Shopping Integration, rather than ranking for some keywords on the Google Search Engine.

Woo Additional Product Fields Plugin – Coming Soon

woo additional fields plugin coming soon

When you’re about to add your products of WooCommerce to Google Shopping or Amazon, you’ll need to add different attributes of those products. But, it is likely that your products do not contain all the product attributes required by marketplaces.

You are not even able to add that information to your WooCommerce store because WooCommerce doesn’t provide you the space to add those fields explicitly. That’s when you’ll need an Additional Product Fields plugin, which we’re about to release soon.

What are the fields that Woo Additional Fields Plugin will help to add?

What’s new? WooCommerce to Google Merchant Direct Upload is Coming Soon

woocommerce google merchant direct upload

It hasn’t been long that we’d released a new version of our Shopify and BigCommerce apps with the functionality to upload products to Google Merchant without leaving the app. And now we’ve already prepared and are soon about to release our latest version of ExportFeed WooCommerce Google Plugin. Please install it on your WordPress to get first-hand news of the update released.

What you can expect with this version?

Start effective WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign for stability & growth

woocommerce google product feed effectiveness

Started an eCommerce site or thinking about growing your sales? High times for promotion efforts! But, how should you plan for that?

The most common action plan would be to optimize your site for conversion first, then start promoting products.

And your target is to invite more qualified visitors to your site and help them find and buy your products easily.

If you are selling your products through WooCommerce store, you have the flexibility to sell multiple product categories of even different niche on your store.