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woocommerce google product feed effectiveness

Started an eCommerce site or thinking about growing your sales? High times for promotion efforts! But, how should you plan for that?

The most common action plan would be to optimize your site for conversion first, then start promoting products.

And your target is to invite more qualified visitors to your site and help them find and buy your products easily.

If you are selling your products through WooCommerce store, you have the flexibility to sell multiple product categories of even different niche on your store.

However, the promotion of each of those categories will be complicated. To be specific – you’ll need to implement different strategies to promote each of those product categories.

That’s where you need a multi-channel marketing tool like ExportFeed! You can list your Electronics category on a merchant like NewEgg and home improvement product categories on a merchant like Houzz.

However, using ExportFeed, you can implement effective promotion by listing your WooCommerce products on 40+ merchants; including the most profitable – Google Shopping!

Google Services involved for your WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping – To display your products to the relevant masses

Google Adwords – To allow you manage budgets and check reports

Google Merchant Center – To allow you set different parameters of your ads and to submit your WooCommerce product feed.

These three services of Google and ExportFeed installed on your WooCommerce site – those are all the tools you need to create an effective WooCommerce Google Product Feed to grow your business.

WooCommerce product data to optimize for effective WooCommerce Google Shopping campaign

Product Title

While uploading your products to Google Shopping, you have the opportunity to expand your business to almost 22 countries. These are the countries supported by Google Shopping. If you are selling to the customers of USK, UK, Canada, Australia, or other English speaking countries, your product title served in English will not be an issue. But if elsewise, you should provide the translated product title to offer an easier understanding of your products.  

Product Image

If you are selling on Amazon also, you know about the product image standards. And, the image on your WooCommerce is ready to be included for your Google Shopping ads.

If not, make sure that your main product image url is of high quality and the alternative product image URLs give the visitors a clear information about your product.

Product Attributes

The product information such as size, color materials and other such about the product which can be used as a search filter is valuable information to increase the efficiency of your WooCommerce Google product feed.

Though these are mostly under the optional product information if you check Google feed specifications,  make sure you provide these information as well.

Product Description

When you are optimizing your WooCommerce product description, make sure to add your original content. If you’ve sourced the product from some other supplier, most of your competitors will be using the manufacturers description.  Customizing that description will go a long way for conversion. Also, make sure that you make appropriate writing styles.

Remember – Google Shopping is a comparison shopping platform and will redirect the customers to your WooCommerce site to complete purchase. So your product optimization should also be done on your WoooCommerce store

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