Your WooCommerce And Google Shopping Integration Opportunities

woocommerce and google shopping integration opportunities

When you start a new website, if you are aware of the website marketing trends, you want to rank your site on the first page of Google Search Engine. Likewise, most of the people want to rank their WooCommerce site on the first page of Google Search Engine.

But, is this “keyword ranking” the correct metric to measure the visibility of your WooCommerce site?

Shouldn’t your products carry more value than your WooCommerce site pages?

Don’t you want to send your WooCommerce products to the visitors of Google Shopping, rather than send your WooCommerce site’s URLs to the Google Search Engine users?

If you’re more focused on increasing sales, you need to focus on WooCommerce and Google Shopping Integration, rather than ranking for some keywords on the Google Search Engine.

Understanding what Google Shopping does?

Google Shopping displays the products that people search for and when a visitor clicks on the product, it redirects the visitors to the source page of the product.

Here, the source page is the page from where Google Shopping found that product information. That means, the pages of your site where you actually entered the product information.

But, Google Shopping does not just find products. eCommerce site owners have to request this system to list their products. This is an opportunity because Google Shopping sends real visitors who actually searched for your products.

How to list WooCommerce products on Google Shopping?

Listing products on Google Shopping requires you to have a Google Merchant Center account connected with the Google Adwords platform.

You can then create your product feed of WooCommerce based products and submit the feed file or URL to the Google Merchant Center.

If your product feed contains errors, you will get an error report. Mostly these reports are regarding the missing product attributes for which you can count on our friendly support team.

How many countries can you make your products visible by working on WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration?

Google Shopping is currently available in almost 40 countries. Here is the list of countries that you can target your product sales using Google Shopping based on the data of 2018 December.

available countries to target using Google Shopping

What should you make sure to grab the benefits of your WooCommerce and Google Shopping Integration?

The answer to this question can be as detailed or as brief but if you look into our other posts about Google Shopping you’ll get the bigger picture. However, what we’ll mention here also are the two important points:

  1. The currency that you set for your Google Shopping Campaign should match with the country where you target.
  2. The language should also match for your Google Shopping Campaign target country.


Why ExportFeed do for your WooCommerce and Google Shopping Integration?

  • Quick to install and available on the WordPress plugin repository
  • Map your Woo products to Google Shopping categories easily
  • Use different rules to optimize Google feed & product listings
  • Include custom attributes & variations in Google product feed
  • Advanced Features to make the feed related changes easily

Download Google Plugin Here

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