Improve the position of your Shopify products on Amazon listing

improve the position of shopify products on amazon

The first step to growing as an online retailer creating an online store. As Shopify is on top of the list, we will take Shopify as the default eCommerce site platform for now. Next, you need to either bring in customers to your site or you need to reach out to the customers.

If you start bringing in visitors and start turning them into customers, you’ll need a long cyclic process of optimization, monitoring, evaluation, and optimization again. However, if you start reaching out to the visitors, you only need to identify where your customers hang. And that would be Google Shopping, eBay or AMAZON, right?

As Amazon is the site most optimized for conversion and we do have a lot of successful businesses as examples that grew on Amazon, it is the obvious choice for many. However, simply listing your Shopify Products on Amazon may not be enough if there is a lot of competition.

You need to understand the A9 Algorithm that Amazon uses organically list your products on the results of Amazon product search. Also, the Amazon marketplace has provided a paid way to advertise your products on the search results. If you are able to understand both of these mechanisms, you can easily improve the position of Shopify products on Amazon listings.

How to improve the product ranking on Amazon search results organically?

If you haven’t heard about the A9 algorithm, here is a brief about that first. We can call it a protocol for Amazon’s search engine to identify the products to display in search results based on the possibility of securing a sale.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm focuses on displaying those products which are more likely to sell unlike the search engine of Google which displays links based on search relevancy. This is the main difference between Google’s search algorithm and Amazon’s search algorithm.

To optimize for the A9 Algorithm, you need to focus on one main KPI – the seller rating. But, the underlying secret is deeper than the customer reviews, quick delivery, and other such factors. Though these factors are really necessary, you also need to make sure that your product data are updated regularly, at least the price and quantity.

Make no mistakes about the product data you send to Amazon. You need to send all the required information and to improve the positioning of your product on the Amazon search results. You need to provide additional product attributes also. Along with that, you need to follow the title recommendation for your products based on the product categories provided by Amazon.

Boosting your products’ visibility on Amazon marketplace by using the advertising budget?

If you find that your product’s visibility on search is reduced lately, you can spend some of your advertising budgets. Try out the Sponsored Product Ads!. You can run product ads within the Amazon marketplace using this program. As this is a cost-per-click program, many retailers feel comfortable that if your ad budget is spent, you get a sale or at least a view in return.

Also, when you are running sponsored ads for your Shopify products on Amazon, you also have the option to go for Automatic Campaign or Manual Campaign.

Running automatic campaigns on Amazon will allow Amazon’s system to display product ads to relevant customers. This is based on the data that Amazon has about its customers. This automatic campaign will be more effective if you are running Sponsored Product Ads for the first time.

Manual Campaigns, on the other hand, will allow you to choose the winning products of your product feed catalog. And you can also assign your researched keywords for the specific SKUs.

The most important part is keyword selection when you are running a manual ads campaign for your Shopify based product listing on Amazon. But, when setting up an ad manually, you also need to define the keyword match time, and this is also equally important. You can choose to run your ads based on broad match keyword, exact match keyword or phrase match keyword.

Optimizing your Shopify product listings on Amazon will be a continuous process. You will need some time and effort to get your desired sales results. However, there are parts that you can handle easily by using ExportFeed.

What benefits does ExportFeed offer for Shopify products listing on Amazon?

  • ExportFeed centralizes your feed management operations.
  • Connect the Shopify store to multiple Amazon Marketplaces.
  • Sync sales of Shopify & Amazon to avoid overselling.
  • Optimize your product attributes in Shopify Amazon feeds.
  • Don’t let anything stop you with the help of our support.

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