Send products from Shopify to Google Merchant directly with unique product identifier to avoid feed errors

shopify to google with unique product identifier

Listing your products on Google Shopping is a great idea if you want to grow sales of your Shopify products. It is obvious that when you add more Shopify products to Google Merchant Center, you’ll be able to earn higher sales revenue.

But, that needs some preparation on your part – you need to add all the required product information for Google Shopping. From our experience, what we’ve found is that most of the shops miss external product identifiers on their product attributes.

What’s new? WooCommerce to Google Merchant Direct Upload is Coming Soon

woocommerce google merchant direct upload

It hasn’t been long that we’d released a new version of our Shopify and BigCommerce apps with the functionality to upload products to Google Merchant without leaving the app. And now we’ve already prepared and are soon about to release our latest version of ExportFeed WooCommerce Google Plugin. Please install it on your WordPress to get first-hand news of the update released.

What you can expect with this version?

Selling BigCommerce Products on Etsy? Info you need to grow sales

BigCommerce Etsy Sync Sales boost tips

Etsy marketplace is well known to sell your antiques, handmade, vintage or unique products. Take a look at the principles that guide Etsy and you’ll immediately realize how you should participate selling your BigCommerce products to Etsy. What are the guiding principles then?

  • Commitment to the craft
  • Minimize waste
  • Embrace the differences
  • Dig deeper
  • Lead with optimism

These are the core values that you also need to follow when you send your BigCommerce products to Etsy. So what do they actually mean?

How to start selling products of WooCommerce on Walmart marketplace?

woocommerce to walmart

Looking to get more customers for your WooCommerce business? Tried the popular marketplaces and comparison shopping engines? Want to challenge yourself into serving more customers and thus increasing your business profits? Try sending your products from WooCommerce to Walmart marketplace.

We, at ExportFeed, have integrated Walmart product feed requirement on our WordPress plugin. Now, you can create your product feed using ExportFeed for Walmart and other popular marketplaces. Just one plugin to meet all merchant feed requirements.

Get ready to sell on Instagram – Direct checkout from instagram is on the way

sell on instagram

Listing products on Facebook only? You can’t miss to tag your products on Instagram too. Did you know that you can create instagram shoppable posts to direct your followers to your shop?

And now the latest news update: Instagram will soon allow your customers to buy products and Checkout on Instagram app itself.

Users on Instagram have been growing rapidly and the recent news about being able to sell directly from Instagram has already hit the eCommerce world.

BigCommerce Etsy Integration – Underestimated yet powerful optimization tips

bigcommerce etsy sync optimization

BigCommerce makes it really easy to start your online store and even to grow your business through the multiple apps readily available in the BigCommerce app store. Whether you want to promote your business through the Google ads or integrate Google Shopping, you’ll find that on Bigcommerce admin panel, ready for you to use. You’ll also find the Sell on eBay connection with the BigCommerce admin panel.

However, these marketplaces are a bit different and won’t meet your needs if you’re specifically selling handmade, antique or vintage items. For this, you’ll want to sell your BigCommerce products in the Etsy marketplace. Luckily, we’ve been able to publish our app on the BigCommerce app store.

Key considerations to sell Shopify products on Etsy

sell shopify products on etsy

Looking for ways to increase your sales revenue? This article will cover the main building blocks that’ll set you on the right path to increasing sales of your Shopify products on the Etsy marketplace. We’ll cover the basics to start selling Shopify products on Etsy if you’ve not started yet. And, if you’re already selling, we’ll offer you some tips that’ll pay off in the long run. So, let’s begin!

Create SnapChat catalog of your WooCommerce products

woocommerce to snapchat

SnapChat is the next-gen social media platform. It is innovative and has been growing rapidly. The most notable point about this platform is the user group of this platform.

SnapChat allows users to create image or video snaps and send it to their friends or post as story on their profile. As the groups of SnapChat are relatively personal and smaller than that of other social media platforms, members of SnapChat group are feel closer and follow similar interests.

To grab the opportunities presented by this platform, you can create your snap catalog or ads for using ExportFeed app.