What sells more during the Halloween? Don’t miss to list these products

products to sell on happy halloween

With Halloween approaching, we’d like to extend our warm wishes for that. However, as we are in business to help you grow your sales, we’ve collected a list of products that sell more during Halloween. If you haven’t listed them on your sales channel, don’t worry as our products and support team can get you started right away.

Now, continuing with the list of products that will increase your revenue for the Halloween

Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday, with Christmas being the first. During this time, there are a lot of celebrations and celebration vibes going around.

Our WooCommerce Plugin for Etsy Updated to Ensure Better Product Listings

woocommerce to etsy plugin updated

We have updated our Etsy plugin to help you make effective listing of your WooCommerce products on Etsy. This update will help you achieve better listings on Etsy in terms of your product visibility and help you improve sales also.

ExportFeed plugin for Etsy allows you to select products to list on Etsy based on WooCommerce product categories and individual product selection. But it is not just the flexibility that ExportFeed plugin for Etsy offers while selecting which products to sell through Etsy. There are more benefits of using ExportFeed Etsy plugin:

WooCommerce to Etsy Plugin with Detailed Sync Settings Released

woocommerce to etsy plugin detailed sync settings

Multichannel selling opens a gateway for growth. It allows your products to reach out to the customers whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach out to. But as you are selling through more than one marketplace it sometimes gets difficult to keep track of the information that you’ve spread across different channels.

Where the clear benefit of multichannel sales is increased sales, the downside is the chance of overselling. But, this can be easily handled by using ExportFeed plugin for WooCommerce to Etsy as this provides orders and inventories sync functionality if you are selling on WooCommerce and Etsy.

Challenge yourself… sell more WooCommerce products on Etsy, Will You?

challenge yourself to sell more Woocommerce products on Etsy

Looking to increase WooCommerce based product sales through Etsy marketplace? We’d like to challenge you to increase your sales by at least 15% within two weeks time. Do you accept it?

If you’re wondering what’s in it for us, without the growth of your business, our growth is limited. So let’s gear up now, we’ll provide you some tips that we collected from different sources and advise you to create a recursive process for that growth.

Let’s begin.

How should you sell your WooCommerce based crafts on Etsy?

selling woocommerce based crafts on etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace which supports selling crafts as handmade products. The customers of Etsy are searching for unique products but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that selling handmade products that come in daily use tops the charts.

Take the example of hand-woven sweaters or handmade decors. If you’re selling products through your WooCommerce store that fall under crafts category in Etsy marketplace, these tips will help you get more customers by starting to sell on Etsy

Secret tips to sell antique products of WooCommerce on Etsy marketplace

sell woocommerce based antiques on etsy

Etsy is one of the best places to list your vintage, handmade and custom products. The visitors and regular buyers of this marketplace are well aware of the fact that whatever they buy here, they will be provided with the quality as promised. However, for sellers, it may get a bit difficult to be established as a reputed seller. Let’s take a look at the tips to increase your antique and vintage product sales of WooCommerce on Etsy:

WooCommerce Etsy Integration issues & how to solve them – Explained

woocommerce etsy integration issues

Handmade products are highly in demand in the US market, especially post-COVID.

But reaching out to the customers who are looking for them is difficult in the beginning.  For that, it is a popular practice to use WooCommerce plugin on the WordPress platform to create an online presence.

This is definitely a good idea. But, more people search for handmade products on Etsy than on any specific retailers’ WooCommerce based site. This is the reason why WooCommerce Etsy Integration is important which we will discuss here.

WooCommerce to Etsy Plugin Updated to Include the Most Demanded Features

etsy plugin updated with product variation

Etsy is a unique marketplace. It allows you to list the handmade products and sell to the visitors of Etsy. But, for the sellers who want to list bulk products, it is also a uniquely difficult marketplace. The variations of products that you would want to list in Etsy in bulk, either you would need to manually change the product listing or change the feed manually. But now that’s history. We have updated our WooCommerce to Etsy plugin to provide the most demanded features in your listings.

Features that we have improved in this update:

  • Added Support for Multiple Image Upload:
    Why is this so important? While selling online, the only way that your potential customers are able to interact with your product is through the information that you have provided in the listing. And as it is said, an image speaks a thousand words. So, the ability to upload multiple images helps to better represent your products and helps to increase conversions.
  • Added Support for Variation Listing:
    None of the sellers like to make individual listings on Etsy for the variations of the same products. Further, if that has to be done manually, it turns out to be a headache. With this version release of the plugin, we have added support for listings of variable products. Now, you can simply choose to install ExportFeed on your WordPress site, connect it with Etsy and send your product information easily to boost your sales.

You can grab the updated version of WooCommerce to Etsy plugin from here:

List WooCommerce Products on Etsy

If you need more information regarding integrating your WooCommerce products with Etsy, please feel free to check our documentation or send us a support request.