Our WooCommerce Plugin for Etsy Updated to Ensure Better Product Listings

woocommerce to etsy plugin updated

We have updated our Etsy plugin to help you make effective listing of your WooCommerce products on Etsy. This update will help you achieve better listings on Etsy in terms of your product visibility and help you improve sales also.

ExportFeed plugin for Etsy allows you to select products to list on Etsy based on WooCommerce product categories and individual product selection. But it is not just the flexibility that ExportFeed plugin for Etsy offers while selecting which products to sell through Etsy. There are more benefits of using ExportFeed Etsy plugin:

  • Quick product selection and product customization options to create optimized listings on Etsy
  • Directly upload products to Etsy from your WordPress admin after connecting one time
  • API connection with Etsy to achieve both way inventory and orders sync in  almost real-time
  • Import or even create your flat shipping template for Etsy from ExportFeed plugin itself
  • Multiple images per product upload even when uploading products in bulk as allowed by Etsy
  • List your WooCommerce products with their tags on Etsy to improve Etsy SEO (Improved in this update)
  • One on one communication to guide you by the expert team of our support heroes!

How have we improved exporting WooCommerce product tags to your Etsy store?

Before we go into the detail about what we’ve improved regarding exporting WooCommerce product tags to Etsy, let’s first check why are tags important.

The result of a product search on Etsy is based on different factors. The obvious points are keyword integration on product title, and product description. However, the product tags are also of equal importance when Etsy displays products on search results.

Etsy allows you to add up to 13 tags per product listing. Most of the sellers on Etsy miss to optimize their listings in this regards. If you are able to upload the main keyword for your product and the alternative keywords in your WooCommerce as product tags, ExportFeed will carry them over to Etsy to create a well-optimized listing for you.

Now about the improvement in this updated version… 

Previously, ExportFeed plugin was able to add tags on your Etsy listings if you had created a product list based on the category filter. Product list created by selecting a category of your WooCommerce would only be able to create Etsy product listings with tags. Now, even if you select individual products the listings on Etsy will display your WooCommerce product tags.

Along with that, we’ve found that a few sellers add ‘#’ (hash) for each of the product tags. This is not accepted by Etsy. So, we’ve updated our plugin to automatically strip off the # from your tags and only take the alpha-numeric characters.

With these improvements, we believe that the value of your product listings on Etsy increases to achieve more visibility and get more sales for you.  However, if you have more suggestions for us please feel free to let us know. And if you have missed using our WooCommerce Etsy plugin till now, please go ahead and give it a try.

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