Our WordPress Plugin for AmmoSeek and 40+ merchants – Updated

woocommerce to ammoseek plugin updated

You sent your feedback and we received it. We’ve taken your suggestion. Now, the ExportFeed plugin is updated to make it easier and more beneficial for the merchants selling on AmmoSeek. So, if you are already selling on AmmoSeek or planning to sell on it, we’ve worked to improve your business through this merchant.

What is AmmoSeek?

This is a search engine that helps buyers to find merchants who deal with ammunitions and related products. This merchant operates adhering to the second Amendment of the US Constitution about the freedom to carry weapons by US nationals who meet certain criteria. Whether you are selling ammunitions, guns, magazines or other related products.

AmmoSeek was first launched on 1st February 2010 and currently, it holds listings of 261,557 products while publishing this article.

How can I add my products to AmmosSeek?

In order to list your products on AmmoSeek, you can either do it manually by contacting AmmoSeek to advertise individuals product or you can use ExportFeed for bulk listings. However, the primary need to list your business in AmmoSeek is to have an eCommerce site with the products that you are offering. And when you have this WooCommerce based eCommerce site, the best option is to list your products using ExportFeed plugin.

Why advertise on AmmoSeek?

This is one of the search engines that deal in the ammunition niche. This is rare to find and it takes a high level of expertise also. Apart from that, AmmoSeek also receives 3 to 5 million traffic annually, and that is huge! AmmoSeek also offers advertisements on its site for banner ads. You can check the details here.

Why use ExportFeed to list on AmmoSeek?

  • ExportFeed plugin is easy to install alongside your WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce feeds created using ExportFeed meet AmmoSeek feed requirements.
  • You can customize your WooCommerce product feed for better business.
  • If you are in any help, our support team is always there for you.

What has improved in the latest plugin update for AmmoSeek?

While sending your products to AmmoSeek using a feed file, Ammoseek only accepts one feed with all your products. This feature was already available in the ExportFeed plugin. However, this time, we have updated our plugin to help you keep your product data intact between WooCommerce and AmmoSeek.

When product data like quantity or price changes on your WooCommerce, ExportFeed will now reflect that change in less than 5 minutes in AmmoSeek – Almost realtime!

This update will not only help you meet the product update requirement of AmmoSeek but will also help you to avoid any unnecessary hassles due to the difference in data like overselling.

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