WooCommerce Etsy Integration for Women’s Clothing Category

woocommerce etsy women's clothing

When it comes down to calculating online shoppers, women buyers top the charts. Especially the product category that attracts women are jewelry, clothing and accessories, shoes and likewise. In this post, we’ll discuss how to improve your WooCommerce sales by integrating products with the Women’s Clothing category in the Etsy marketplace.

Before starting to look at the integration process, let’s recap about the products that you can sell on Etsy:

Etsy is a marketplace that allows manufacturers and sellers to sell unique, antique, custom or handmade products. These types of products can fall under the Women’s clothing category or other similar categories. If you are selling similar products that qualify to claim a listing in the Etsy marketplace, you will be benefitted by applying the tips listed below.

Tips to benefit more with WooCommerce Etsy Integration for Womens’ Clothing

Capture attractive images of your products

In order to get more attention for your products under the Women’s Clothing category, it is a worthy investment that you hire models to wear your clothes.

As online buyers are not able to feel your products while choosing them, you should target to provide the closest experience. Along with that, you should also provide a detailed picture to show the type of fabric used to create your craft.

Create a suitable ambiance on your Etsy storefront

By creating a suitable ambiance, we mean that you target your visitors’ attention span. Your products defined potential buyers – Women! But that’s only a gender segment. You still have to work on the age group, location of the buyers.

Though these all depend on product development, you’ll still need to work on creating the best storefront experience for your targeted buyers. This comes mostly under the buyer experience that’ll help to grow your sales. And, and you can tailor it according to the holiday season to target higher sales.

Answers all possible questions in your listings

When it comes to tailoring a comfortable buying experience, you need to remove away all the confusion points from the very beginning. Use appropriate tags on the products so that they are found easily. Use appropriate product titles that describe your product well. When a buyer looks into the product detail page, your product description can provide ample information to help buyers.

Some sellers use this space to explain the process of how they create their products. It is a good trick if you have a strong hand in story-telling. Or you can even use the product description section to include your frequently asked questions and answers.

Understand the Etsy Marketing activities

When you list your products on the Etsy marketplace, apart from getting views from loyal customers, your products also reach other global customers through other Etsy marketing activities.  For instance, the Facebook page of Etsy.com. If you haven’t checked it, it is worth taking a quick view. Apart from that, Etsy also offers a promotion package to sponsor your products on Etsy and in other areas.

Along with that, your products are also marketed from Etsy through the Affiliate program. Etsy affiliate program is launched through the AWIN platform. So publishers on AWIN may also grab your products. With these and more marketing activities conducted by the Etsy marketplace, you need to create your WooCommerce product listing suitable and optimized for all these marketing channels.

You can check the tips to sell more Women’s clothing on Etsy here.

How to work on WooCommerce Etsy Integration for Women’s Clothing?

In order to properly run your WooCommerce Etsy Integration campaign for Women’s Clothing, we recommend that you start from your WooCommerce store.

Select the products which you want to integrate with Etsy

As the Etsy marketplace has a few restrictions in place, you should first work to select the products of WooCommerce eligible to get listed in the Etsy marketplace.

When using ExportFeed plugin for WooCommerce to Etsy integration, you can use the Custom Product Feed to select individual products from multiple categories of your WooCommerce. Select those and create a product feed.

Update product on WooCommerce to optimize for Etsy

Listing products under the Women’s Clothing category on the Etsy marketplace will require you to provide some specific information. Unlike Amazon, you won’t need the SKU or UPC values but you need to provide all buyer-centric information.

Along with that, in order to create a perfect listing on Etsy, you should add product tags on your WooCommerce products. As Etsy allows up to 13 tags of 19 characters each, you will benefit from the Etsy SEO by following this practice.

Also, when you use the ExportFeed plugin, you can create listings on Etsy with the added benefit of changing images per the product variation selected. To benefit from this feature of ExportFeed, we strongly recommend you to use a separate image per product variation. For example: If you are selling products varied based on material, add product images for all the material variation.

Note: ExportFeed can upload bulk products with variations easily from your WooCommerce to Etsy store. If you want to take the ExportFeed plugin for a spin, you can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

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