Our Cloud Platform Improved for Shopify & BigCommerce App Users

custom product feed

As we are continually working on improving our product, we received a few feedbacks related to creating product feeds by selecting products individually. For this, we have now updated the individual product feed section of our Shopify & BigCommerce Apps.

For the users accessing the platform through Shopify and BigCommerce apps, we’ve improved this section in two ways:

1.Select individual products using different filters

It is not always that you want to send the entire products of a Shopify Collection or BigCommerce Category to a sales channel. Though this is a good practice, some of your flagship products may be better suited for your own store. And sometimes, the products of your stores don’t meet the criteria of the sales channels. For this reason, you need to select individual products.

Along with that, we have improved the filters on the individual product feed section. You can easily find the products by defining the search criteria.

Available search filters:

  1. SKUs
  2. Title
  3. Keywords
  4. Brand
  5. Category

2. Include products from multiple categories

Within this update, you have the flexibility to create a product feed for products from different categories. Now, you don’t have to create multiple feeds per category by using this feature.

custom product feed

You can use the filters to manually select products of one category first, then select another category on the dropdown and select the other products. Then, generate your product feed file to list and start selling on the merchants.

If you need any help to send your custom selected products of multiple categories to the marketplaces, please feel free to schedule a demo with our support team.

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