Etsy WooCommerce Sync with ExportFeed plugin – What to expect?

etsy woocommerce sync

ExportFeed plugin for Etsy WooCommerce sync recently received an update with the realtime sync functionality for WooCommerce and Etsy products. That’s great news as you don’t have to worry about the inventories and prices changes anymore. But here are some of the overlooked yet important features that our ExportFeed plugin handles for you.

Let’s check them quickly to get more benefit from them.

Listed your Woo products on Etsy manually before using the ExportFeed plugin?

Here are two ways that you can easily handle those products from ExportFeed.

1. Create a new listing on WooCommerce Store for your Etsy Products

When you install ExportFeed plugin for Etsy and set up the connection, you can easily import your products to WooCommerce. This way, even if your WooCommerce store is brand new, you can import and start selling all your Etsy products from your WooCommerce store.

2. Create an association for products on both Etsy and WooCommerce

Listed your products on your own WooCommerce store and Etsy platform also? You went the extra mile to put in your efforts. But that’s your time and effort you already spent to increase sales of products.

If you are in this situation, installing ExportFeed plugin and creating connection will allow you to set up an association between your WooCommerce products and Etsy products.

For products with the same SKU or Product title, the product matching will be an automatic process and if the product data don’t match, you can set up the association manually or just let them be.

Additional sync settings for a flawless listing and selling

You can apply these additional sync settings on the ExportFeed plugin for those products that you’ve already listed and for new products that you’ll be listing using ExportFeed plugin.

The scope of these settings for Etsy WooCommerce Sync will have a direct impact on Etsy sales. So, if you need any suggestions, please make sure to contact our support team freely.

1. Product Titles

If you make changes in the product title in your WooCommerce, those for your product on Etsy will also be updated in real-time. If you want to keep your Etsy title unchanged, you need to uncheck this setting. Always keep thoughts that if a product is getting low hits, you should get creative with the Product Title.

2. Product Description

Product descriptions will help your potential customers make the buying decision. As the type of visitors, you get on your WooCommerce and Etsy vary, you may need to maintain product descriptions differently. Enabling or disabling this setting will help you achieve that.

3. Product Images

Product image is the first attraction that grabs the visitors’ attention. So, when optimizing your product listing in WooCommerce or Etsy, you want to change the featured image.

For eg: If a product is getting more views on Etsy, you don’t want to change the image but for the same product you may want to change it is performing poorly in WooCommerce. This can be handled in the Etsy Feed > Settings sub-menu of Etsy WooCommerce Sync plugin. To reflect product image changes, you’ll need to update the product feed.

4. Product Tags

Product search results in Etsy are mostly the result of the combination of Product Title, Product Tags and Product Description. For this reason, you’ll want to create the product tags in WooCommerce that includes the popular search keywords in Etsy. ExportFeed will implement real-time sync for product tags between your WooCommerce and Etsy store also to give you the search benefits.

Now, if you are looking for more features related to Etsy WooCommerce Sync, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

And, if you haven’t tried our WooCommerce Etsy Plugin, please download it from here.

To get one-on-one instruction on how to establish Etsy WooCommerce Sync for your business, please feel free to schedule a free demo session. Rest assured, at ExportFeed, we always work hard to meet your expectations.

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