Selling on Ebay for a high profit margin + selling the products that you don’t stock!

selling on ebay for high profits

eBay is one of the oldest and strongest players in the online retail market. With the wide range of marketplaces globally and thousands if not millions of loyal visitors, becoming a reputed eBay seller is definitely one of the most profitable journeys. Selling on eBay with a low-profit-margin is one of the ways that most eBay sellers have climbed up the stairs. However, there are other tricks that you can implement to avoid this route.

Not every buyer is after the cheapest product, there are value shoppers and there are emotional shoppers.

Value Shoppers & Emotional Shoppers – Getting both of them to buy from you

value buyer and emotional buyer

If you are running ads for your eBay products, you can target for the value shoppers. You offer them to complete micro-conversions on your conversion funnel and then gradually guide them to buy your most prized product. As for the emotional buyers, you make the best use of what eBay offers – the 80 characters of product title, the images, and the HTML supported product description.

Even the highly emotional buyers look for basic information about the product that they buy. Being clear about that product information is essential but mostly the product attributes that eBay requires and has mentioned as optional are sufficient.

Like most of the marketplaces, eBay also has some specifics put into action which will determine whether your products will get the prominent place in the search results. Taking care of this product ranking factor is a widespread yet less properly implement information. Take a look at the search results on Google for eBay Products Optimization tips and you’ll find plenty of them.

Now, back to the basics again but from a different perspective – getting the attention of the value buyers and getting the attention of the emotional buyers on eBay!

First, we’ll talk about the Value Buyers – this is mostly science and the data based observations.

The common point to optimize your products for both types of buyers starts with your product selection.

When you are targeting your sales process for value buyers, you need to stock those products which provide maximum value to those potential customers. You also need to present the most valuable information along with the products to those customers. Also, you need to make sure that you price the products correctly when you are targeting the value buyers.

These tips will be important to implement when you are selling products with higher prices along with the products that are for long-term use and professional in nature. User guides, complimentary gifts which go along with those products can boost your product sales on eBay for value products.

Staying at the same point of selection of products for emotional buyers – this is mostly psychological and sometimes trend based.

Targeting your sales process for emotional buyers is a bit different than that for your value buyers. When you are selecting your products for emotional buyers, you need to take care of the presentation of your product information just as much as you care about the product itself. Looks and feel of the product matter more than the value offered by the product.

Product selection phase is the first one but listing your products on Etsy based on your buyer targeting for a specific product is more important.

Like, when you are listing your products for value buyers on eBay, you need to put all the brand, version, color, size information within the 80 characters allowed for product title on eBay. Along with that, you need to display the images in detail about the product you are selling. You make the best use of product images allowed by adding product pictures taken from different angles.

Likewise, for your emotional buyers, you need to add the fancy words and description on your product title. Make sure that you stay within the eBay seller rules. Along with that, you also make the use of your product images by adding happy faces of people using your products. For value buyers, whether they make the use of those product variations may not be important but to have the option to choose from is important. So, make sure to list your product variations on eBay.

One common trick for both these type of buyers is that you add an intro video or voice to represent your product in a proper way.

If you are selling antiques or the latest products, you can apply the tricks given to the emotional buyers. And if you are selling products that you would categorize as used or refurbished on eBay, you would apply the tricks given for the value buyers.

Just started to sell on eBay marketplace? – The pain is in the eBay seller limit!

eBay has implemented the seller limits to help new and genuine sellers rise above without much hurdles from the competition. If you have just started selling on eBay, your priority is to lift up the selling limits. This is successfully done by consecutively reaching the seller limits before time. After that, you can submit your request to raise the seller limits. Though there are some efforts involved, there are some sweet benefits of selling on eBay.


Selling products on eBay that you don’t stock!

We’ve talked in our previous articles also about the art of dropshipping. There are many dropshipping businessmen working on eBay and are making a regular income from this business model.

What is dropshipping?

It simply means that you list the products of some supplier with whom you have previously made a contact. And when a buyer purchases from you, you send the order details to that manufacturer or supplier. That supplier, in turn, ships products that you sold to your customer’s address and you pay that supplier. Here, you don’t stock the item but simply list it and make the profit margin from the sales.

There are cautions to be applied when you move into the dropshipping business model and if you are planning to start your dropshipping business, we recommend you to start small. Also, make sure that your supplier is in the same country where you are selling because it will help you avoid the hassles of taxes in the beginning. Like if you are selling on eBay US, select a supplier from the USA itself.

Selling on eBay when you already have an online store…

If you already have an online store, your question could be, “Why should I sell on eBay?”

The online world is dynamic and selling from a single platform is way too outdated, hence the low-profit-margin.

Currently, most of the marketing consultants suggest you follow the omnichannel selling model. This basically means that you sell from all the possible platforms where your customers are likely to buy from. When it comes to omnichannel marketing, it goes even wider. Make presence on every channel your customers spend their time, whether it be social media or some informative site like Quora. The advanced form of omnichannel marketing goes to a point where you target a specific customer for a specific product at almost every place they visit.

Getting your foot wet for the first time with multi-channel marketing on eBay

But to start with, we recommend you pick one channel – eBay. This is just the beginning of multi-channel marketing – you’re selling from your own online store and you are selling from eBay. Later you can extend to more channels.

Even selling products from your WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify or other platforms that you’ve used to create your online store has its merits and demerits. Likewise, adding every other channel will have the same. The bumps on the road might just give a scratch or take an eye for an eye.

To avoid these situations, you need to make sure that your shop and your listings on eBay are in sync, mostly the inventory quantity. Overselling or underselling will have a direct impact on your cash flow but they can also have an impact on your goodwill.

With the right tools in hand, you can easily avoid the novice mistakes of multi-channel marketing. You can avoid the basic issues simply by starting to use ExportFeed. And after you are satisfied with the trial plan, you can opt in for the premium and start implementing your advanced multi-channel marketing strategies with the help of our support team.

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