WooCommerce Amazon Plugin Updated with Improved Features

woocommerce amazon plugin updated

There are various requirements for selling your WooCommerce products on Amazon marketplaces. You need to map your WooCommerce product categories to  Amazon categories, provide complete product information including the GTIN, and you need to send that information in the format specified by Amazon.

Also, listing your products individually will take a lot of time and is prone to errors too. But, listing on Amazon is worth all the efforts. So, is there an easy way to accomplish all this flawlessly?  – WooCommerce Amazon plugin by ExportFeed is the answer… and we have just updated it.

Here are the details about this update.

Product fetch by category optimized

ExportFeed plugin for Amazon provides to create upload your bulk products on the Amazon marketplaces. The products under your category is fetched and added to your export list for Amazon.

This update includes optimization for this feature to allow efficiency in fetching your WooCommerce category and the products in that category.

Database structure improved

To improve the performance of the plugin on different aspects, this update also includes some improvements in the database structure. These improvements in the plugin will help to increase faster result for queries made while using different features of the plugin.

Also, as we provide custom tailored support to our clients for Amazon plugin, we’ve had cases requiring database value changes. For this reason and more, we have also implemented database versioning from this update onwards.

WordPress 5.0.2 compatibility checked

With every update of WordPress versions, there arises a need to update the plugins and themes. Many functions are added and some of them also become deprecated. For this reason, we have checked the compatibility of our ExportFeed Amazon plugin with WP v5.0.2.

We’ve tested, made changes and ensured that all the functionalities provided by this plugin are compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Create product feed only option added

This is one major change that we’ve introduced with this version of our ExportFeed Amazon plugin. As Amazon has changed the MWS Developer authorization model, this change was a necessity.

We have added the product feed creation option to allow you list products of WooCommerce on Amazon marketplaces for which the Developer Id is not yet available.

Next update milestone

We will be implementing an authorization model to keep intact the orders and inventories functionalities for Amazon North America Marketplaces. ETA for next update: 2 weeks

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